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Kevin Colby, Purdue

David Carver, TACC

Tabitha Samuel, XSEDE


  • New versions of SP checklist (v4.3) and SP Software and services baseline (v 2.2) are out. They are available at Project Documentation. You can navigate to this page by going to → About → Project Documents
  • GCT packages have been released and are available for installation and deployment.
  • Research software portal tool is now available. This is particularly useful to SPs who do not need to install the whole IPF suite, but only need to report a few services, for eg. gateways.
  • New search capability available on the XSEDE software directory: . Cloud images are now searchable.
  • XSEDE RACD group is now exploring the possiblity of having an XSEDE wide Open on Demand deployment available to the XSEDE community.
  • Updates from SPs:
    • University of Kentucky: Basic build of the cluster is in progress, have Globus working.
    • Purdue, University of Delaware, Texas A&M: On track for scheduled production dates.