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Status of the new XES Security standard

  • Update on status of XES Security standard

    • Had a discussion about the changes coming related to changes in Globus Toolkit support

16XCI-36 and UColorado wanting Colorado.xsede.orgVictor
  • There was a discussion had by the attendees present on the call including the co-leads for security.  Since  Colorado is a Level 3 service provider, XSEDE should provide this service for them, but security recommended that since this should be for only a couple of hosts that XSEDE retain the zone and Colorado just make request via the ticket system. Level 3 SPs are the most loosely integrated SPs and XSEDE should retain control of the domain and be aware of what names/addresses are put into this space. There is no procedure for L3 SPs to do this on their own, no agreement on what that should be, and L3 SPs do not have to participate in all of the working groups and phone calls surrounding all the issues.
  • Security recommends XSEDE provide the domain and retain the DNS service.
  • Tim was absent from call but e-mailed that the entire subdomain can be delegated

New program officer for XSEDE and John’s email about our recent NSF review response, NSF requesting more detailed response

  • Group was informed about Rudy's replacement as NSF program officer
  • NSF requested a more detailed response to Panel Review (not specific to Operations)
    • Scott is meeting with Ron tomorrow and will seek some additional information, including timeline for response

Metric target changes for wiki pages

  • Scott reminded group that an e-mail was sent a few weeks ago asking the managers to update their wiki pages with new metric targets for RY2
    • Scott checked earlier today and no one had done so
2Quarterly Report and Quarterly meetingScott
  •   Next reporting period ends in July and reporting process starts early August. 
    • Reporting period is May, June, July
  • Next quarterly meeting is August 28-30 in Chicago
    • Managers were advised to make travel plans
7Manager CoordinationGreg
  • Greg asked about the XSEDE website being down
    • Gary and Mike discussed the communication from responsible institutional personnel about the planned outage
    • Appropriate coordination was not performed
    • Victor e-mailed appropriate parties to express dissatisfaction with the notification and lack of failover
    • Victor also requested a after-action meeting to discuss