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  • WBS 2.3.2 RACD Meetings 2017-06-29 Agenda and Minutes

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  • Two documents are now available.
    1. User authentication service for XSEDE science gateways
    2. Technical overview of public XSEDE authentication services
  • Next step is to "publish" the documents (so they can be referenced in the test plan) and move the activity to testing.
    • Q: How do we make these docs available in the CSR?
      • JP suggested that the "technical overview" doc should be made available via the CSR "installable software components" area where other design docs and materials are provided. How does this work?
      • What about the "use authentication service" doc? Do we have a recommended public place to publish documents for developers?
    •  Lee Liming figure out how to make docs available in CSR
    •  Lee Liming draft test plan and move the activity to testing