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  • WBS 2.3.2 RACD Meetings 2017-04-20 Agenda and Minutes

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  • The summary of user needs for group management features is mostly complete. (A few proposed changes to be resolved still.)
  • Community Infrastructure (CI-*) use case descriptions are being tweaked, but the implementation (Community Software Repository, Information Publishing Framework) is ready for testing as soon as we decide the desriptions are reasonable. We are trying to test by the end of April.
  • SPI-01, 03, 04 testing complete and passed. Fully delivered.
  • New "Guided Resource Discovery" SPI-02 use case from XRAS.
  • Review & approval process for new use cases is being revisited for possible changes. Discussion ongoing between JP, Jim, Shava, and Lee.
  • Reminder: Please forward all ideas/suggestions for new features from all sources