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Mission Statement

To leverage the aggregate national cyberinfrastructure in XSEDE SP's, campuses, and regional partnerships in order to maximize support for research initiatives.

Goals, Metrics & KPIs


Total number of systems using one or more CRI toolkits150Advance


Number of level 1 systems incorporating tools from the XSEDE Community Software RepositoryAll SP systems
Number of repository subscribers to XCRI cluster and laptop tools100
Aggregate number of TeraFLOPS of cluster systems using CRI toolkits100
Number of partnership interactions between CRI and SP's, national CI organizations, and campus CI providers10/year

Metrics Tracking Page

Team Members

Rich KnepperIndiana UniversityL3 Manager

Barbara HallockIndiana UniversityOutreach & Campus Engineering

Eric CoulterIndiana UniversityCampus Engineering & Outreach

Resa AlvordCornell UniversityToolkit packaging

Victor HazlewoodNICSSP


Communication & Meetings

Meeting on First and Third Thursdays:

First and Third Thursdays of each month at 2pm Eastern time
Phone: 812-856-7060
Conference Code: 2322380
or with your favorite SIP client

Meeting Agendas:

- 2016-08-04


New Staff Orientation