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  • 20170307- Review 2017 Climate Study Instrument

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Action Items:

SummaryDescriptionResponsibleDue Date
Climate SurveyChange question to "Length of time working on XSEDE" rather than "start date"; rangeLizanne/JulieASAP
Climate SurveyPossibly add additional question on professional development; facilitating advancementLizanne/JulieASAP
Climate SurveyReporting requirements; identify pain points; time and effort required; value derivedLizanne/JulieASAP
Climate SurveyFor L2s, L3s, etc. Do you have the HR and financial data to adequately manage to mange staff and budgets?Lizanne/JulieASAP
Climate SurveyDo your KPIs and metrics adequately reflect activity. Are you aware of your KPIs and metrics? Do these have value?  Do you feel they are effectively used to evaluate/manage performance/activities/efforts?Lizanne/JulieASAP
Climate SurveyDo you have enough flexibility/ability to make decisions re: budget and staff? EmpowermentLizanne/JulieASAP
User SurveyShould we differentiate between portal, website, wiki for users? Do/Should they know the difference? Should it be collectively termed as "web presence." We may be artificially differentiating. Topic for focus group at New User Training, etcLizanne/JulieTBD
Climate SurveyPossible change to IC re pubilshing dataLizanne/JulieASAP
Climate SurveyConference calls help me communicate effectively with other XSEDE staff --> Conference calls and video conferencing help me communicate effectively with other XSEDE staffLizanne/JulieASAP
Climate SurveyI have access to adequate training to conduct my XSEDE-related work --> broaden question (or add another) to evaluate access to professional development opportunities generally, not just as related to XSEDE-related workLizanne/JulieASAP
Climate SurveyReview questions that call out gender as a criteriaLizanne/JulieASAP
Ciimate SurveyAdd "general comments for improvements" questionLizanne/JulieASAP