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Information TypesDescriptive Information
Use CasesDescriptions and target audience summaries, community sizes, status, area/sub-area, last proposed and last approved dates, document pointers, capability delivery plans, and UREP priorities
Integration ActivitiesCapability integration activities and how they map to use cases, packaged software, and operational software
Software DescriptionTextual description, global categories/tags, and vendor details
Packaged SoftwareInformation about a VM, a container, RPM, tar, or other bundle of software that can be installed/provisioned, including: repository pointers, installation/provisioning instructions, and who supports it
Operational SoftwareInformation about deployed and operational software available from the command line (on an SP resource) or thru the network (SaaS, portal, gateway, etc.), including: how to access and use the software, and who supports it

Cyber-infrastructure resources where Operational Software is made available to users, including HPC/HTC/Viz/storage/Gateways/Portals/etc.

Staff ServicesThe services that XCI provides to its various customers.
DiscussionsOpen community discussions on the driving use cases, priorities, delivery plans, delivery activities, designs, testing, deployment, and use of software.