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  • The report should be consistent in writing style and level of detail. 
  • The report should written in first person where possible. 
  • Section contents should be written in an essay type format (not sub-headings by L3 or metrics).
  • All figures should have figure captions with labels and be directly referenced from the text.
    • For example: 
      • A figure should be captioned as Figure [X] with a brief description.
      • In the actual text, refer to the figure as Figure [X]. Do not direct the reader to a position on the page when referencing figure (i.e., see figure at the right).
  • Reporting period v. quarter: Now that we have transitioned our reports to Interim Project Reports, we need to align our language accordingly. As such, please refer to the period as “reporting period” as opposed to “quarter” in the text.
  • All computational system names should be italiziced (e.g., Bridges, Stampede).
  • Use only one (1) space after a period.
  • For metrics in both main body of report and appendix, simply include the value sans qualifier.
    • For example:
      • If a metric is 45 days, simply write 45. 
      • If a metric is 99%, simply write 99.

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