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Quarterly Actions & Decisions TrackerXSEDE Quarterly Meeting Action Items and Decision Recording

Requested Sessions

Please submit any requested agenda items via the XSEDE Dec. Quarterly Topics form. (The agenda has been set. Please contact Ron Payne to request an agenda change.)


  • Read the instructions in the 2016 December Remote Quarterly Planning document
  • We will hold several 30 minute preparation sessions for leaders to enable Skype for Business properly and ensure folks understand how to take control of the presentation:30min session dates: TBD
  • Preparation sessions will be via Day 1 coordinates below
  • Please register on the above link to attend a preparation meeting and the actual quarterly
  • If you are having trouble connecting via Skype for Business, please dial the phone number and conference ID, and we'll walk you through setup during one of the preparation sessions
  • Attendees are also encouraged to join the preparation sessions, and those who have never used Skype before are required
  • You may only connect with an external microphone (puck, headset, microphone and speaker combo, earbuds etc.). Internal laptop microphones will not be allowed, as they cause echo during calls and at times disable the call entirely. You will be asked to leave the web version if you join via an internal microphone; you may instead join via a telephone or cell phone. Please make arrangements to ensure you have an external microphone.
  • Contact Ron Payne or Laura T. Herriott with questions


Remote Sessions only
Please register above to receive the calendar appointment for the remote Quarterly Meeting sessions.



Agenda (



: 90061361
Tuesday, December 6th

Plenary & Parallel 1 Session Coordinates

Skype Meeting      Conference ID

: 67389049

Join by phone: +1 888 983 3631       Find a local number

Parallel 2 Session Coordinates

Skype Meeting      Conference ID: 5063822

Join by phone: +1 888 983 3631       Find a local number



(Skype link)

Time (CST)DurationTopic (presentation link)LeadActions/DecisionsParticipants
Plenary9:00am-9:25am25 minsPMGathering & R UpdateKarla G.

Scott W. 

PM&R Update - 20161206

 WelcomeJohn TN/A 
Plenary9:25am-9:50am25 minsXMS PM&R UpdateSteve Karla G./Matt J.

Steve G.


Scott W. 

PM&R Update - 20161206


10 mins

Plenary  10:00am-10:45am45 minsProject Improvement FundRon P.

Sonia N.

Project Improvement Fund - 20161206

Break10:45am-11:00am15 minsBreak   
Plenary  11:00am-11:45am45 minsBusiness Operations UpdateRon P.


Business Operations Update - 20161206Leslie F.

(no decisions or action items for this session)

Break11:45am-12:00pm15 minsBreak   
Parallel 112:00pm-12:45pm45 minsRAS Proposed Allocation Policy Changes

Dave H.


Sonia N.

RAS Allocation Policy Changes - 20161206

RAS Staff, John T., & Rudi E.
Break12:45pm-1:00pm15 minsBreak   
Parallel 1121:00pm-121:45pm45 mins

UREP Activities

JP N./ Lee L.

Janet B.

UREP Activities - 20161206

Open to all
Break121:45pm-12:00pm15 minsBreak   
Parallel 112:00pm-12:45pm45 mins

ROI 2.0

Craig S./Nick B./ Lizanne D.

Craig S.

Laura H.

ROI 2.0 - 20161206

L2 Lead/Deputy, at least one L3 lead from each L2
Parallel 212:00pm-34:00pm120 minsIPR After Action Review (AAR)

Scott W.


Marques B.

IPR AAR - 20161206

PM&R, ER staff associated w/IPR process
Wednesday, December 7th

Plenary & Parallel 1 Session Coordinates

Skype Meeting      Conference ID: 67389049

Join by phone: +1 888 983 3631       Find a local number

Parallel 2 Session Coordinates

Skype Meeting      Conference ID:


Join by phone: +1 888 983 3631       Find a local number


(Skype link)

Time (CST)DurationTopic (presentation link)PersonnelLeadActions/DecisionsParticipants
ParallelPlenary  9:00am-9:45am45 minsL2 Closed SessionLead: Rudi E. / John T.
Actions/Decisions: Response to Climate Study

Ron P. &

Participants: All L2s

  Parallel9:00am-9:45am45 minsPM&R - PY7 Planning & more

Lead: Karla G.
Actions/Decisions: Marques B.

Participants: PM&R


all L2s

Lorna R.

L2 Response to Climate Study - 20161207

Break9:45am-10:00am15 minsBreak   Plenary

Parallel - Closed

10:00am-10:45am45 minsL2 Response to Climate Study

Lead: Ron P. & all L2s

Actions/Decisions: TBD

  Closed Session

Rudi E./

John T.

Ron P.

L2 Closed Session - 20161207

Closed session for PI, NSF, & L2s
Parallel 210:00am-10:45am45 minsPM&R - PY7 Planning & more

Karla G.

Marques B.

PM&R - PY7 Planning & more - 20161207

Break10:45am-11:00am15 minsBreak   
Plenary  11:00am-11:45am45 minsSC16 Feedback on :XSEDE Involvement & Booth

Lead: Kristin W.


Actions/Decisions: Kandace T.


(no decisions or action items for this session)

Break11:45am-12:00pm15 minsBreak   
Plenary  12:00pm-12:25pm25 mins

(Expert Mentoring Producing Opportunities for Work, Education, and Research)

Lead: Jennifer H.Actions/Decisions:


Aaron W.


XSEDE EMPOWER - 20161207

Plenary  12:25pm-12:50pm25 mins

2017 User Survey


Lead: Reference Document

Julie. W./

Lizanne D. /

Lorna R.

Actions/Decisions: Julie W.  


2017 User Survey - 20161207

Break12:50pm-1:00pm10 minsBreak   
Plenary  1:00pm-1:25am25 minsXMS Update

Matt J.

Matt J.

(no decisions or action items for this session)

Plenary  1:25pm-1:50pm25 minsGlobus Auth statusJP N.

Globus Auth status- 20161207

Break121:50pm-12:00pm10 minsBreak   
Parallel 112:00pm-12:45pm45 minsIPR1 After Action Review (AAR) Results

Lead: Ron PScott W.

Actions/Decisions: Leslie F. Participants:

IPR1 After Action Review (AAR) Results - 20161207

John T., L2s (if available)  
Parallel 212:00pm-23:45pm105 mins

ECSS-Management JIRA Training and

Management Meeting

Lead: Marques B.
Actions/Decisions: Karla G.

Participants: ECSS L2s & L3s


Module 1: PM JIRA Responsibilities

Module 2: L3 JIRA Responsibilities

Marques B./

Jay A.

Karla G.

(no decisions or action items for this session)

ECSS L2s & L3s
Break3:45pm-4:00pm15 minsBreak   

Parallel - Closed

4:00pm-5:00pm60 mins

XSEDE Budget Discussion

Ron P.

Laura H.

Closed session for only PI and Co-PIs


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