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Some partner organizations within the XSEDE Federation fall within the Service Provider designation. Multiple types of Service Providers are defined in the XD Service Providers Forum: Charter, Membership, and Governance document available on the XSEDE Project Documents page in order to encourage participation in the Federation and to balance the need for clear expectations of service levels with the desire to be flexible. The overarching goal of the XF with respect to service providers is to encourage service providers to bring new and innovative services to XSEDE while not being overly burdensome with respect to process and requirements. Clearly defined service levels and an operational framework for partnering relationships encourage broader participation, expand the services available to the community, and form the underpinnings of a pervasive national cyberinfrastructure ecosystem.

Agendas & Minutes


Meeting:  July  9@1PM Pacific/4 pm Eastern


  1. Overviews of Delta, recently awarded to NCSA (Tim Boerner)
  2. Discussion of Panel report from annual NSF review of XSEDE (Tim Boerner)
  3. SP Coordination and operations updates (Victor Hazelwood)
  4. Roundtable (all)

The next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, July 23.

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