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Table of Contents


Table of Contents
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Mission Statement

The Requirements Analysis and Capability Delivery (RACD) team prepares and supports software and services that: 1) enable user access to and use of XSEDE federated infrastructure, and 2) enable infrastructure and service providers to federate with XSEDE. Starting from XSEDE prioritized user requirements (use cases) RACD coordinates the engineering work necessary to integrate software and services into production at SPs and campuses, as XSEDE central services, as external vendor services, or on user personal systems.  RACD uses engineering best practices and tools, works with external vendors and software partners to minimize integration cost to XSEDE, and aims to maximize ROI to XSEDE and the NSF.

Goals, Metrics & KPIs

RACD L3 Metrics

RACD MetricTargetSubgoal

Number of capability delivery plans (CDPs) prepared for UREP prioritization

12/yrAdvance - Create an open and evolving e-infrastructure

Number of CI integration assistance engagements

6/yrAdvance - Create an open and evolving e-infrastructure
Number of significant fixes and enhancements to production components (a)16/yrAdvance - Create an open and evolving e-infrastructure
Number of new components instrumented and tracked for usage and ROI analysis4/yrAdvance - Create an open and evolving e-infrastructure
Average satisfaction rating for RACD services (b)4 of 5/yrAdvance - Create an open and evolving e-infrastructure
Average time from support request to solution<30 daysAdvance - Create an open and evolving e-infrastructure


RACD Appendix MetricTargetSubgoal
Number of maintenance releases and upgrades delivered of service provider software (a)4/yrAdvance - Create an open and evolving e-infrastructure
Number of fixes and enhancements to centrally operated services (a)12/yrAdvance - Create an open and evolving e-infrastructure

User rating of components delivered in production (b)

4 of 5/yrAdvance - Create an open and evolving e-infrastructure
Operator rating of components delivered for production deployment (b)4 of 5/yrAdvance - Create an open and evolving e-infrastructure
Software/service provider rating of our integration assistance (b)4 of 5/yrAdvance - Create an open and evolving e-infrastructure

XCI L2 KPIs and Metrics

Team Members

JP NavarroUniv. of Chicago/Argonne Nat. Lab.Manager, Requirements Analysis Engineer, and Integration Engineer
Shava SmallenSDSCDeputy Manager, Evaluation and Testing Coordinator
Choonhan YounSDSCResearch Software Portal Engineer
Lee LimingUniv. of ChicagoRequirements Analysis Lead
Jim BasneyNCSALead Security Designer and Requirements Analysis Engineer
Eric BlauUniv. of Chicago/Argonne Nat. Lab.Integration & Information Services Engineer
Scott KorandaNCSASecurity Engineer
Jonathan KimNCSAInformation Services Engineer
Rob Light
Liz PantalonePSCInformation Services
EngineerGalen ArnoldNCSASecurity Engineer and Evaluation & Testing
Jeff MakeySDSCEvaluation & Testing Engineer
Susan LitzingerPSCEvaluation & Testing Engineer
Derek SimmelPSCEvaluation & Testing Engineer
Peter EnstromNCSAEvaluation & Testing Engineer

Communication & Meetings

Email Lists

  • xci (xci-mgmt + xci-racd + xci-cri)
  • xci-mgmt (Dave, Craig, Rich, Shava, JP)
  • xci-racd (xci-design + xci-integrate + xci-test)
  • xci-design (Lee Liming, Jim Basney, JP Navarro)
  • xci-integrate (JP Navarro, Galen Arnold, Eric Blau, Rob Light)
  • xci-test (Shava Smallen, Galen Arnold, Choonhan Youn, Christopher Irving, Susan Litzinger, Derek Simmel, Peter Enstrom)
  • xci-cri (everyone currently in "campusbridging-list")

New Staff Orientation


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Activities and Projects

  • RACD Activities Year 1 (July 2016 - April 2017)
  • Significant new deliverables before the end of the program (completion date)

    1. Kepler
  • GCT GridFTP, GSI OpenSSH, and client tools
  • CILogon operated
  • OAuth SSH with Globus and SciTokens integration
  • GCS v 5.4 w/ HTTP and backward compatible Posix file-system support
  • CoManage (staff groups, allocation groups, user groups)
  • RetirementsKarnak
    1. and Pegasus workflows
    2. Globus Connect Server version 5.4 as a new way to implement Globus endpoints
    3. CoManage (staff, allocation, uses) group management
    4. XCI component metrics services
    5. CVMFS for XSEDE and SP software sharing
    6. Open OnDemand
    7. Information Services, Cross-Organization Research Resource Discovery Catalog
    8. Research Software Portal
    9. Research data metadata management tools
    10. Enhanced RDR
  • Cross-institutional resource discovery between XSEDE, UIUC, and other campuses
  • Pegasus (collaboration)
  • XCI component metrics services for ROI analysis
    1. CILogon & replaces (as an identity provider)
    2. OAuth-SSH as a new way to implement SSH services

    Significant completed deliverables (completion date)

    1. <IDENTIFY>

    Significant retirements

    1. Karnak
    2. GT6 GridFTP, GSI OpenSSH, and client tools

    Resource Discovery Roadmap


    Engineering Process

    Online Resources

    Use Cases
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    Capability Delivery Plans
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    Available ComponentsRegistry
    Development Repo Image Modified
    Production Repo Image Modified
    Deployed Components  
    Bugs and Feature Requests  

    Server and Service Administration

    JIRA and Confluence