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# of new underrepresented individuals (women and racial/ethnic minorities) users> 250/qtr
# of sustained underrepresented individuals (women and racial/ethnic minorities) users> 1,750/yr

Team Members

Linda AkliSURAL3
Rosalia GomezTACCStudent Programs
Public Policy
John HollySURA
Exhibiting, Training &
Workshop Event
/C4C Staff 

Je'aime Powell

Unislawa Williams
Jaye NiasSURAACSC Data Science

Communication & Meetings

Bi-weekly CEE-BP calls are Tuesdays @11:am eastern. Effective 2020, Broadening Participation and Workforce Development is a combined bi-weekly call.


  1. XSEDE New Staff Guide
  2. Increasing Diversity in Hiring
  3. Professional Development
    1. Attend XSEDE New User and Successful Allocations Proposal webinars at a minimum annually.
    2. Attend other XSEDE training webinars as needed.
    3. Participate in webinars on Inclusion in STEM offered by NSF Includes Coordination Hub, National Academy of Sciences, and others
  4. Event Planning Process
    1. Guide to Organizing Inclusive Scientific Meetings
    2. ACM Guide to Organizing Virtual Conferences,
  5. Under-Represented Minority, Institution Classifications, and Data Sets
    1. The Carnegie ClassificationTM has been the leading framework for recognizing and describing institutional diversity in U.S. higher education for the past four and a half decades.
    2. Individual look up of institutions -
    3. What is an HBCU?
    4. Definition of Hispanic-Serving Institutions
    5. Tribal Colleges and Universities Profiles
    6. National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering 2017 Report
    7. National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Persistence, Retention, and Attainment of 2011–12 First-Time Beginning Postsecondary Students as of Spring 2017

  6. Research Reports
    1. Alumni of Tribal Colleges Better Their Communities, Gallup Poll and American Indian Fund, 2019, Alumni of Tribal Colleges and Universities Better Their Communities.pdf
    2. White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities 2019 Federal Agencies Priorities Briefing,
    3. Increasing Women and Underrepresented Minorities in Computing: The Landscape and What You Can Do, IEEE Computer, 2019, mco2018100024.pdf
    4. What Would it Take to overcome the damaging effects of structural racism and ensure a more equitable future, Urban Institute, 2019.05.12_Next50 structural racism_finalized (1).pdf
    5. 2019 Fact Sheet, Hispanic Higher Education and HSIs, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, 2018_HSI_FactSheet.pdf
    6. Playbook on Best Practices: Gender Equality in Tech, 2018_HSI_FactSheet.pdf
    7. Evidence-based Strategies for Improving Equity and Inclusion of Individuals in Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Groups




Intro to HPC (Presentation to Class)

Macalester College

03/25-3/27/2021Association of Computer and Information Science/Engineering Departments at Minority Institutions (ADMI) Symposium 2021 - Machine Learning and BeyondVirtualPowell


XSEDE New User Training (Webinar)University of Central FloridaAlameda, Akli, Mehringer


National Summit for Educational Equity

VirtualAkli, Cahill


IEEE RESPECT ConferenceVirtualAkli, Cahill, Gomez

Introduction to Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum

VirtualPanoff, Weeden
6/7–6/15/2021Computational Chemistry for EducatorsVirtualCahill

Introduction to Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum: Modeling with Spreadsheets and Web Resources

VirtualPanoff, Weeden
6/17/2021General New User TrainingVirtualMaiden (Mehringer)
6/17-6/18/2021Advanced Computing for Social Change Curriculum WorkshopVirtualAkli, Alameda, Cahill, Holly, Nias, Williams
6/21/2021Intro to XSEDE (Workshop focused on expanding high performance computing opportunities within the consortium of liberal arts colleges in the Midwest)VirtualMehringer

Introduction to Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum: Systems Modeling

VirtualPanoff, Weeden


(postposted to October 6 and 13)

Introduction to Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum: Agent-based Modeling (postponed to October 6 and 13)

VirtualPanoff, Weeden
7/12–7/13/2021Advanced Computing for Social Change Curriculum Workshop for AUCCVirtualAkli, Alameda, Cahill, Holly, Nias, Williams
07/17-07/19/2021HPC in the City HackathonVirtualHolly, Powell
07/19-07/30/2021International HPC Summer SchoolVirtualAlameda
07/18-07/22/2021PEARC21 - HPC in the City HackathonVirtualCahill, Powell, Weeden
09/15-09/17/2021ACM Tapia Celebration of Diversity in ComputingVirtualTBD
10/6 and 10/13/2021Introduction to Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum: Agent-based ModelingVirtualPanoff, Weeden
10/28 - 10/30/2021SACNAS National Conference

Kansas City, MO

11/14 - 11/19/2021SC21 - Computing4Change, HPC in the City Hackathonhybrid, St. Louis, MOAkli, Fratkin, Gomez, Hunter, Powell

Campus Visits PY10 -


None due to COVID related travel restrictions.

Campus Visits Prior to PY10/PY11