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Extended Collaborative Support Services
WBS CategoryMailing List NamePurpose
Aggregation of all ecss lists
2.2.1ecss-mgmt@xsede.orgECSS Management
2.2.2ecss-esrt@xsede.orgExtended support for Research Teams
2.2.3ecss-nip@xsede.orgNovel & Innovative Projects
2.2.4ecss-escc@xsede.orgExtended Support for Community Codes
2.2.5workflows@xsede.orgExtended Support for Science

Extended Support for Science Gateways (staff list)

Extended Support for Science Gateways (community list)

2.2.6ecss-esteo@xsede.orgExtended Support for Education, Outreach, Training


Program Office
WBS CategoryMailing List NamePurpose


2.6idm@xsede.orgIdentity & Group Management2.6info@xsede.orgInformation

Senior Management Team members with their deputies and others considered important to have on this list

2.6level3-sp@xsede.orgLevel 3 Service Providers
2.6pis-admins@xsede.orgAdmins for XSEDE PIs
2.6pis@xsede.orgXSEDE PIs
2.6quarterly-meetings@xsede.orgQuarterly Meetings
2.6sp-forum@xsede.orgService Provider Forum
2.6spf-chair@xsede.orgService Provider Forum Chairs
2.6subaward-contacts@xsede.orgSub-award Business Office contacts
2.6subaward-pis@xsede.orgPIs of XSEDE Subawardees
2.6uac@xsede.orgXSEDE User Advisory Committee
2.6wbs-lev2-mgrs-admins@xsede.orgAdmins for WBS Level 2 Managers
2.6wbs-lev2-mgrs@xsede.orgWBS Level 2 Managers
2.6wbs-lev3-mgrs-admins@xsede.orgAdmins for WBS Level 3 Managers
2.6wbs-lev3-mgrs@xsede.orgWBS Level 3 Managers
2.6xab@xsede.orgAdvisory Board
2.6xsede-all@xsede.orgAggregation of the following lists: ecss-all, ecss-escc, ecss-esrt, ecss-esteo, ecss-essgw, ecss-mgmt, ecss-nip,
eo-evaluation, eo-mgmt, cee-mgmt, cee-wd, cee-ue, cee-bp, cee-uii, cee-ce er, leadership, ops-accting,
ops-data, ops-mgmt, ops-network, ops-pm, ops-security, ops-software, ops-sysops, pm, pm-finance, reporting,
risk-mgmt, evaluation-strategy xci-mgmt, xci-design, xci-racd, xci, xci-integrate, xci-test, xci-cri, xras-admin,
xras-devel, xras-notify subaward-pis, us-all, us-allocations, us-engagement, us-mgmt, us-training, us-uii, xdcdb-core

Testing (Chris Lindsey)

2.6.2er@xsede.orgExternal Relations
2.6.2science-nuggets@xsede.orgExternal Relations
2.6.3wiki-group@xsede.orgWiki Group
2.6.3pm@xsede.orgProject Mgmt, Reporting, & Risk Mgmt
2.6.3reporting@xsede.orgProject Mgmt, Reporting, & Risk Mgmt
2.6.3risk-mgmt@xsede.orgProject Mgmt, Reporting, & Risk Mgmt
2.6.4pm-finance@xsede.orgProgram Office Business Operations
2.6.4xsede-busops@xsede.orgProgram Office Business Operations
2.6.5evaluation-strategy@xsede.orgProgram Office Strategic Planning, Policy, & Evaluation