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  • WBS 2.3.2 OAuth SSH Planning 2019-06-06 Meeting

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  • Meeting with which people
    • SP PIs - They design & maintain the systems XSEDE provides access to and know the intended uses, users
    • Campus login server admins (CB-08) - They design campus login services & asked for SSO Hub access
    • Heavy SSH users on current XSEDE systems (SSO hub, others?)
    • Q: Should we also ask people who do computational science via other interfaces (Open OnDemand, Jupyter, cloud systems) how they do it and how they think it should be done on other systems?
  • With what purpose
    • Confirm how SSH is currently used/needed on XSEDE SP systems, campus research systems.
    • Find out about future/upcoming systems and their interfaces.
    • Get a sense of the future needs for SSH access and how folks would LIKE it to work.