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  • ·        Publications initiative
  • ·        XSEDE Transition Plan for Ops
  • ·        Hybrid cloud plan discussion 
  • ·        Ticket review 
  • ·        Manager coordination 



Discussion items

3 minPublication initiativeVictor
  • Ops L3’s should request ideas for papers and select one or more to bring to L2 for approval; this will end up being assigned task(s).
  • Publications initiative document sent to Ops mgrs.
5 minXSEDE Transition Plan for OpsVictor
  • Need high level draft transition paragraph or page from each L3 that describes how processes, procedures, services, and systems would be handed off to an XSEDE follow on awardee. 
  • Everyone should have a draft of a paragraph or a page in two weeks on October 30th.
5 minHybrid cloud plan discussionVictor
  • Coordination between SysOps and Security will be critical for this project;
  • Hybrid cloud plan document sent to Ops mgrs.
3 minTicket reviewVictor
  • Tickets reviewed from the dashboard image sent to Mgrs prior to meeting.
  • In good shape.
4 minMgr CoordinationScott/Victor
  • Recent XSEDE staff departures: Adam Slagell (Ops/NCSA), Jason Charcalla (Ops), Karla Gendler (CEE/TACC), Laura Herriott (PO/NCSA), Marlon Pierce (CEE/IU)
  • IPR7 is due at the beginning of Nov. 
    • Review your risks that you own and also review the XAB recommendations, process improvements, and remind staff to submit publications.

Action items

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