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This YouTube channel was initially created to provide access to the monthly HPC workshop series video.  In this form, it grew to over 1000 subscribers. It was later decided to expand the content to allow additional staff-submitted materials.  The procedure for these submissions is as follows:

  1. When recording your video, please follow these recommendations: (coming soon)
  2. The submitter (restricted to XSEDE staff) will complete a short google form, providing Title, Description, Link, and Contact info.
  3. When submitted, the form is automatically emailed to the review team, consisting of representatives from Training (Susan, Tom), ECSS (Jay), and BPP (Linda to assign per topic). 
  4. Reviewers will make a determination based on New/redundant content, XSEDE suitability, better on Channel suitability (e.g. XSEDETraining or XSEDEScience), and Quality.  Recommendations for Playlist (existing or new) appreciated.  If an email exchange doesn't easily result in a decision, a short call will be scheduled.
  5. The decision will be recorded here (by Susan).
  6. If approved, the video will be posted to YouTube/XSEDETraining (by Tom).