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(Sergiu): Comment from Phil: "I am going to add one or two slides on Brian Couger and Chris Mason and their high-profile Cell and Science covers culminating 10 years of collaboration with XSEDE, but I didn't have a chance to do this yet. I'll add before next Monday, and incorporate other feedback, and then run through it all next Monday prior to the review."

  • Sergiu Sanielevici Philip Blood In slide touting new SPs that have been added this year, also note that additional new SPs are coming
  • Philip Blood to add slide (between 22 & 23?) on bioinformatics, particularly 2 projects recently featured in Science and Nature
  • Kelly Gaither  will update Broader Community Impacts slide (last slide)
  • Sergiu Sanielevici Philip Blood Remove divider slides, e.g.,  "Biological sciences", "History and AI"
  • Sergiu Sanielevici Philip Blood Slide 10: Astronomers define "metals" differently than others - anything heavier than Helium is a metal.  Find definition of "giga-metal"
  • Sergiu Sanielevici Philip Blood Slide 21?: COVID-19 allocations should mention all who volunteered as reviewers.  John Towns  could also add this to his slides to recognize the number of staff who served in this way.
  • Sergiu Sanielevici Robert Sinkovits All examples provided are from major research institutions - add examples from institutions that are not MRIs, but more focused on teaching