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2:00 PM EDT

10 mins


Approval of meeting summary from December meeting (Motion Emre, Jennifer) Approved

Welcome to new XAB members: Rylan Chong, Ana Carmen Gonzales, Ruby Mendenhall, Dan Stanzione

Lisa Arafune
2:10 PM EDT45 mins

Draft transition plan was submitted and posted on the wiki as of 1/25/2021.

Impact of two NSF solicitations on current XSEDE award



  • Concerns about splitting up into parts
  • ECSS & most of CEE have been removed. Not clear how community input resulted in these solicitations.
  • Emre: continuity doesn't seem explicitly stressed. General user assistance/helpdesk seems limited.
  • Ruth: SP Forum is concerned about how & whether they'll be able to deliver some of the services that XSEDE now provides but won't be there to continue provided.
  • Russ: Any feedback on what has driven change in direction?
    • We don't get those explanations from NSF. They point to Blueprint docs that laid out vision, which XSEDE & others in community provided responses to. Those responses clearly didn't have a strong impact on NSF's thinking
  • Will do everything XSEDE currently does, what current XMS award does, technology transfer
  • Ani: do you expect different tracks to be awarded to same institution or separate groups?
    • Open competition, so decisions will be made outside our control. Hope to see some continuity, but can't say
    • Solicitation requires each of the 5 tracks to be led by different institutions. Could be managed to provide some continuity, but we can't assume that current participants will be awardees. Project must prepare for complete turnover.
  • New risks to XSEDE2 award include finishing work through end of project that wouldn't be continued in next award
    • Will need to stop taking on new ECSS projects in January to have time to wrap up all projects by end of award.
    • CEE activities will need to ramp down by end of award.
    • Risk that our staff will look for other ways to be supported and will likely leave project early to pursue other job opportunities.
    • Mitigation plans for these risks will be difficult.
    • Creative ways we can address some of these problems?
      • Money to pay people as consultants if they take on new jobs?
        • Good option to consider.
        • Using students as an option could also be considered. (EMPOWER project could be a good resource)
        • Campus Champion Fellows could be tapped for assistance
  • By splitting awards will avoid NSB approvals
  • Budget isn't there for ECSS, but a proposer could include some element of that in their proposal.
  • Deadline for proposals is June 16.
  • Time to start working with institutions re. whether they can commit to keeping people on through end of the project. More concerned about smaller institutions who might not be able to keep people on.
  • How best to communicate about this to project staff given uncertainties?
    • Might do joint messages with partner institution PIs
  • How many staff affected?
    • ~150 individuals who are mostly spread across multiple projects. Mostly are 50% or less on XSEDE.
    • CEE: concerned about staff at SURA, Shodor that don't have a role in the new model. Trying to devise plans for their continued staffing separate from these proposals.
  • How to best prepare for this transition? If anyone has thoughts on this or anything we might've missed as we prepare, please share those with John. Don't assume that we've thought of everything.

John Towns
2:55 PM EDT5 mins

Final questions/comments

Next meeting: Friday, April 16; 10am ET - 5pm ET

  • Will cover the project's PY11 program plan.

Meeting adjourn (Emre, Ken).