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Lisa Giame, LSU

Feng Chen, LSU

Eric Wiggins, LSU

JP Navarro, XSEDE

Dave Carver, TACC

Trevor Cooper, SDSC

Derek Simmel, PSC


Meeting Minutes


  • Reminder: Deadline today for technical papers for PEARC’xy conference.  See and the call of participation.
  • SSO Hub now requires two factor for login.  Going to make this permanent.  XSEDE mgmt. approved Duo for one more year (at least)

Software/Services/Engineering Activities

  • Reminder of recent XSEDE tested software released and mention of the latest:

SP Coordination

  • Stampede 2 June 1, 2017 target production date.  Starting integration process with TACC
  • Victor will be circling back on the recent SP checklist reviews and review the outstanding action items. Contacting SPs about this.
  • New SPs joined XSEDE Federation/SP Forum
    • Science Gateway institute joined XSEDE Federation
    • Trying to get all SPs level 1-3 to have an entry in XSEDE RDR

Open Discussion (as time permits)

JP asked if Stampede2 going to coexist with Stampede1.   Dave said it is a rolling upgrade and will coexist for a period of time.  There will be an RDR entry for Stampede2.  Victor will double check with Chris on Stampede2 integration with XSEDE.