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Discussion items

5minDuo and plan for next 13 months with XSEDE MFAVictor
  • Discussed the purchase of Duo for 3/31/17 to 4/30/18 and our plan for next 13 months for MFA with XSEDE. 
  • Will pursue a MFA proposal with NSF EAGER program and investigate the TACC MFA solution (from the PIF).
4minDiscussion of Ops related Project Improvement Fund (PIF) itemsVictor
  • Withdrew the SSO hub backup in cloud pilot. Work with XRAS team.
  • Need security best practice document for XES in the cloud.  Let’s set a target deadline date for this?
    • May 1st target deadline for XES in cloud security standard.
3minReview of Ops tickets in RTVictor
  • There are quite a few tickets that are more than several weeks old.
  • Each L3 manager(s) should work to resolve these tickets.
8minDiscussion of Friday meeting with SP Forum representatives of XSEDE Operations PY7 planGreg
  • Greg described the purpose and who is from the SP Forum to review the Ops PY7 plan. 
  • Greg asked each group the PY7 items to highlight and he took notes regarding this information collected.

Manager discussions

  • No mgr discussion