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5 minStatus on follow up and closing of Dec security incidentVictor

Jim and Adam gave status on the incident and discussed their google doc and report status.

5 minStatus/Check in with Networking/Data ServicesTim

Tim discussed having monthly XSEDEnet community engagement meetings; poor attendance.  

  • Discussed ideas.  
  • Victor to draft a letter and have Tim review and send to SP PIs.
5 minShall we ask to add an XSEDEnet check box to RDR? Victor

Victor discussed adding an XSEDEnet check box to RDR. 

  • This can give us the ability to make maps on demand. 
  • RDR already has Long/lat boxes in the form.
3 minOps dashboard discussionVictor

Victor discussed and asked L3ss to start thinking about this. 

  • What would Ops have for internal dashboard and for public dashboard?
2 minInnovation Fund discussionVictor

Victor sent the email about innovation fund from Ron Payne to the L3s

  • Asked L3s to be thinking about ideas for their areas.
1 minIPR deliverableScott

Scott mentioned that the reporting process for the next report starts next week.

  • Scott will provide template.
  • L3s asked to start collecting the metric data.
1 minPY7 PlanningScott

Scott mentioned the planning process for PY7 will start directly after the next reporting process ends. 

  • Scott will send instructions
-Mgr coordinationVictor

None. Mike was welcomed back from his two weeks in the Amazon without internet!

Action items

  •  Victor Hazlewood to draft letter for SP PIs to encourage attendance of XSEDEnet community engagement meetings
  •  Scott Wells to provide L3s with template for upcoming report
  •  Scott Wells to send instructions shortly after the report process is over about PY7 planning