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5. New NSF Service Provider Resources  (Victor Hazlewood) 


  • (12/19) Added to agenda.  
    • Need to get status/have discussion about how things are going on this call. 
    • Open Storage Network: initial kickoff meeting was Oct 31, meeting minutes sent out to all the affected XSEDE group for integration.  Victor following up with those XSEDE groups. Entry put in RDR for Open Storage Network
    • Stony Brook: had one initial call at the summer quarterly meeting. Victor following up with Robert to do an SP kickoff in Jan
    • U Del: Scheduling kickoff meeting in January.  Doodle poll already sent to them. 
    • Will drop off Bridges-2 and Expanse for detailed status since PSC and SDSC are plugged in so well to XSEDE.  (Ken at PSC and Bob at SDSC, for example)
  • (1/16) Darwin gave timeline of later summer for fall allocations. 
    • Dave H. hadn't heard of DISCO before. Related to Open Storage Network? 
      • Victor talked with them yesterday. MRI award that has already been awarded w/ stipulation that states they will be joining XSEDE. They still need to do XSEDE Federation application. 
      • Planning to pull team together for call after XSEDE Federation application letter is submitted
    • Cancer computer is not on the list. 
      • They still need to go through application process. Will be added once the XSEDE Federation application comes through. John will ping them re. status of their application letter.
    • Kickoff meeting with OSN was held. 
      • Need to get connected with allocations, XCI (Victor sent email to JP & Shava)
    • Kickoff meeting with U Delaware was held. Working to get that connected to allocations process by Oct. 2020 allocations cycle. 
    • Stony Brook has not been responsive to Victor so still working on that. 
  • (1/30): sent 3 emails to Robert Harrison/Stony Brook that haven't been returned. If he doesn't respond soon will be looking for suggestions. John can reach out if they don't respond. 
    • Open Storage Network: They haven't connected with RAS so asked them to do that. Would be helpful to talk to Jim Glasgow (NCSA) about this to prod him to respond. 
    • U Del: Kickoff meeting was held & minutes sent out. They want to say they've made significant progress getting connected to allocations by summer time for late Aug/early Sept XRAC meeting. 
    • Johns Hopkins: waiting for Gayme to submit XSEDE Federation membership. 
  • (2/13) Victor has been working to get in touch with all of these providers with mixed results. Reminder that John is willing to ping people if needed. 
  • (2/27) 
    • Johns Hopkins waiting on RFP for hardware result so he knows exactly what resource he'll have
    • Got in touch with Robert Harrison about getting started. He is planning a meeting with his team. They want to connect and be tied into XSEDE with user names (AMIE), etc. Victor to circle back with him to keep pushing progress.
      • Ruth asked Robert (Ookami)to choose a date in March or April to come to SPF but haven't heard back. 
    • OSN: Kenton sent a note with a status last week. He needs more meetings with folks. Victor pressed people on XSEDE side to get the conversations going. 
      • Trying to get something done by summer for fall allocation cycle, so things need to be getting done. Have made some progress
    • DARWIN has moved along well. Victor had kickoff meeting & making connections with XSEDE group. 
    • DE & OSN needs to be connected to XRAS &  AMIE. 
  • Status of new SP resources:

    SP Resource




    NSF Award

    Target Date



    Bridges-2 press release

    Nick Nystrom


    Summer 2020



    Expanse press release

    Mike Norman


    Summer 2020


    U Delaware


    Rudi Eigenmann


    Summer 2020

    Open Storage Network

    Collaboration (5)

    Collaboration (5)


    Summer 2020


    SUNY at Stony Brook

    Ookami press release

    Robert Harrison


    Summer 2020


    Johns Hopkins Univ

    DISCO news item

    Dennice Gayme
    Contact: Jaime Combariza





6. XDCDB and production server access policy (David Hart  ) 


  • (12/19) Added to agenda: SMT Meeting - December 19, 2019.  
    • Following the recent XDCDB security incident, we closed/inactivated a number of XDCDB roles, and we are now fielding requests from users to turn some of them back on. We want to clarify the XSEDE approach (if not formal policy) for responding to such requests consistently.

      Ops & RAS will: 

      • Assess all accounts (Victor will help)
      • Notify people & collect info & put into buckets of staff, SPs, etc.
      • Suggest policy for governing these things
  • (1/16) Working through roles on XDCDB that have access to database & closing out some. Don't know where some came from so may shut those off and see if anyone complains. Not terminating any accounts that have been used in last month. 
    • Victor still working on drafting a policy.
    • Some people only access to get data for IPR. Should they email to get access? In those cases those people have not been removed. Susan still has access.  
  • (1/30) Went through all XDCDB roles. Inactivated a bunch & no one has complained. Done with cleanup. Victor working on drafting a policy. 
    • Identified a couple odd SP cases & need to clarify policy on SPs having access to the database. Security is looking at this and updating the enterprise services standard doc. Adding how to request & be granted roles in the database. 
      • Main question is do we have official ways for SPs to get access to the database? Do we allow them to have access to all/part of database? They have home-grown capabilities that are questionable. 
      • Concern about people making mistakes that have impact on operation of XSEDE. Mostly locked down to read access.
      • One SP pinging database for user info. They should already have this info. 
      • Baseline security standard in doc to specify how you request & approve roles. Maybe need to go back and look at roles and people have to specify why they're requesting it. 
      • Have to support things that we didn't build /design system for. Don't want to unintentionally break things for SPs if we change something. Don't want to be stuck supporting legacy feature for SP. These are unofficial side things the SPs do. Are we required to support unofficial integration mechanisms? At what level can we say change this because we're no longer supporting? Creates dependency that we need to support for others. Prefer formal mechanism that we can support. Not clear if those making use of info should have access to that info. Are they XSEDE staff? Who are they sharing the info with? Nice to have someone document the use cases & see if it violates any issues. If they're not doing anything wrong, determine obligation to support going forward. 
        • TACC script was doing 72K logins/month to look up info about a user that he should already have. Figure out what he needs and how we can get him the info. Shouldn't let anyone do any craziness. Another issue with Jetstream. 
      • Rather document use cases and we evaluate as we normally would. Can come up with specs re. roles & how to access. Final approval by Dave & Greg. If they go beyond our privacy policy then that would need to be evaluated
      • They could pull info from XDMoD 
  • (2/13) Dave collecting details about shadow sites some have set up to use XDCDB. 


  • Put session on QM agenda to discuss use cases & how to deal with them. If you're interested, join that session.  
  • Alex put together policy for identity/access. Identity & Authentication Mgmt. Will add QM session request for this. 


7. Interconnections diagrams (create 2) (John Towns ) 


  • (12/19) Added to agenda.  
  • (1/16) How to better articulate to review panel exactly how interdependent parts of XSEDE are. Tried to compartmentalize things but makes it harder to see interdependencies. Want to articulate in clear & consistent way. Help inform NSF about some of the complexities that aren't evident to them when they're developing solicitation. If they create multiple award scenario will create some dependencies across different project. 
    • Value in having different L2 areas represent in similar way
    • Dave: take all stakeholders into account
    • Bob: focused on interconnections between L2sACTION Ron Payne John & Ron to discuss off-line. 
  • (1/30) Defer to next meeting.
  • (2/13) Defer to next meeting.



8. Consideration of Pandemic Travel Policy  (Ron Payne


  • (2/27) Added to agenda.  
  • CDC travel advisory re. travel to other countries. What happens if CDC puts out travel advisory for inside the US? 
    • If CDC issues domestic travel warning, project may choose to do virtual meeting instead. 
    • Great to think ahead. When CDC issues these statements there are levels 1-3 (1: no concern; 2: mild concern..) Gets fuzzy in level 2. Level 3 is travel ban. Would guess that at that level flights etc might be able to be cancelled without penalty. But at level 2 likely would have penalties. 
    • Some people just may not be comfortable at lower levels. We're not authorized to say who shouldn't travel at level 2. We would have to have the policy for anyone who doesn't want to travel. 
    • CDC travel warning:
    • Northern CA: anticipating regional/local restrictions
    • PEARC is getting questions from exhibitors about policy for refunds if there is a pandemic. 
    • Ron to discuss with John. Come up with a simple statement about our policy if a domestic travel warning is issued. Ken could use this with XRAC reviewers as well. 



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