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  1. When recording your video, please follow these recommendations: (coming soon)
    1. Strive for quality audio.  Perhaps use a headset or USB microphone if your laptop audio is muffled.
    2. Enable your video.  Being able to see the presenter creates a more engaging presentation and can help the audience to understand the content better.
    3. Please make sure that your slides are in presentation mode.
    4. Clearly introduce the speaker and the topic.
    5. Try not to deviate from the agenda.
    6. If you are answering questions, please remember to repeat the question to the audience before answering.
    7. The Code of Conduct and Terminology slides can be presented before the recording starts - There is a pointer to the code of conduct and terminology slides in the description of each video on the site.
    8. Thank the audience for their time.
  2. The submitter (restricted to XSEDE staff) will complete a short google form, providing Title, Description, Link, and Contact info.
  3. When submitted, the form is automatically emailed to the review team, consisting of representatives from Training (Susan, Tom), ECSS (Jay), and BPP (Linda to assign per topic). 
  4. Reviewers will make a determination based on New/redundant content, XSEDE suitability, better on Channel suitability (e.g. XSEDETraining or XSEDEScience), and Quality.  Recommendations for Playlist (existing or new) appreciated.  If an email exchange doesn't easily result in a decision, a short call will be scheduled.
  5. The decision will be recorded here (by Susan).
  6. If approved, the video will be posted to YouTube/XSEDETraining (by Tom).


  • 6/16/2021 - Introduction to Delta - Submitted by Jay Alameda - APPROVED
  • 10/21/2021 - XSEDE Code Performance and Scaling Training - Submitted by Jay Alameda - APPROVED

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