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Expertise is available in a wide range of areas, from performance analysis and petascale optimization to the development of community gateways and work and data flow systems. ECSS staff members also participate in reviewing adaptive proposals associated with XRAC meetings.

ECSS efforts are divided into two parts, one designated as Projects, headed by Ralph Roskies Phil Blood at  PSC, and the other, designated as Communities, headed by Nancy Wilkins-Diehr Bob Sinkovits at SDSC.

ECSS-Projects consist of ESRT (Extended Support for Research Teams) and NIP (Novel and Innovative Projects). ECSS-Communities consist of ESCC (Extended Support for Community Codes), ESSGW (Extended Support for Science Gateways) and ESTEO (Extended Support for  Training, Education and Outreach). ECSS staffers are often members of multiple groups in varying percentages. When you first become a member of the ECSS team, you’ll be asked to provide a description of your expertise. You can see what others have done in the ECSS staff listing. This will help with project assignments. Ken Hackworth will also ask for expertise in the various NSF Fields of Science. This facilitates adaptive reviews described elsewhere in this document.