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  • Feedback from XAB
  • Annual Report Reporting Schedule and Directions (see recent email from Leslie Morsek)
  • Prep for June NSF review:
  • Mgr Coordination

Discussion items

3 minFeedback from XABVictor

Feedback from XAB was regarding GridFTP and networking to engage the community on usability and not focus solely on metrics and benchmarking

  • Tim mentioned that it is in the plan for data mgmt. but perhaps the word usability is not used.  Deeper engagement for data flow and data management in in the plan for next year.
5 min  Annual Report Reporting Schedule and DirectionsScott

See recent email from Leslie Morsek sent 4/22

  • Scott discussed the reporting schedule.
  • Get your items to Scott by 5/2. 
  • Scott to get templates next week. 
  • It will be cumulative report for a year.
8 minPrep for June NSF review:Victor
  • Make sure we have contact info for all and have access to L3 staff in the evening on June 11
  • Perhaps start working on ticket stats beginning May 1st so we can discuss and ponder prior to review
    • We need to have stats for tickets available.  Everything else is in our metrics.
  • What else do we usually prepare for this?
    • Jim asked where the meeting is and location. It is at NSF HQ and don’t know who the panelists will be. Many should be same as previous but not all.
4 minMgr Coordination-

Mike Pingleton provided an update. 

  • No one hired, so Dan LaPine will be interim L3.
  • Mike already submitted onboarding form for Dan. 
  • Scott to do a PCR. 
  • Mike will be sleeping in on May 1st
  • Thanks to Mike for his excellent work.

Action items