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Mission Statement

Project-wide strategic planning, policy development, evaluation and assessment, and organizational improvement in support of sustaining an effective and productive virtual organization.

Goals, Metrics, KPIs


  • Percentage of recommendations addressed by relevant project areas

    • intentionally does not measure “implementation” of recommendations due to the many factors that may impede implementation (e.g. timelines, funding, capacity, etc.)

    • track this metric with new tools currently being implemented in XSEDE, namely JIRA and Confluence. The team intends to upload evaluation reports to Confluence and copy recommendations to JIRA for tracking.
(Target 90%) 
  • Average rating of staff regarding how well-prepared they feel to perform their jobs

    • obtained by staff self-report via the Annual XSEDE Staff Climate Study conducted by the external evaluation team. Staff responses to a set of Likert Scale items measured on a scale of 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 5 (Strongly Agree) and relating to staff preparation are combined to determine a mean index score.
(Target 4 out of 5) 


  • Will be assessed to determine best ways to qualify innovation

    • Number of strategic or innovative improvements

      • measures innovative actions directly

    • Ratio of proactive to reactive improvements

      • a measurement of organizational maturity and agility

Team Members

Ron PayneNCSA
Leslie FroeschlNCSA
Lizanne DestefanoGeorgia Tech
Lorna RiveraGeorgia Tech
Nick BerenteUniversity of Georgia
Ian FosterArgonne
Craig StewartIndiana
Julie WernertIndiana

Communication & Meetings

Biweekly starting 5/3/2017 at 2pm Central | 3pm Eastern

Meeting Coordinates


Important Dates

  • User Survey final results due in May
  • Climate Survey final results due in September

New Staff Orientation

  • Under development

Public Evaluation Reports and Summaries