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Mission Statement

Broadening Participation will engage under-represented minority researchers from domains and institutions that are not traditional users of advanced computing. Our target audience ranges from potential users with no computational experience to computationally savvy researchers, educators, Campus Champions, and administrators that will promote change at their institutions for increased use of advanced digital services for research and teaching.

Goals, Metrics, KPIs


# of new underrepresented individuals (women and racial/ethnic minorities) users>100Deepen/Extend – Extending use to new communities (§3.1.2)

# of sustained underrepresented individuals (women and racial/ethnic minorities) users

>1,000Deepen/Extend – Extending use to new communities (§3.1.2)

Longitudinal Assessment of XSEDE Inclusion &Equity via the Climate Survey

25% ImprovementAdvance – Enhance the array of technical expertise and support services


# of new underrepresented individuals (women and racial/ethnic minorities) users>100
# of sustained underrepresented individuals (women and racial/ethnic minorities) users>1,000



Team Members

John HollySURAAdmin


Communication & Meetings

CEE-BP calls are biweekly on Tuesdays @11:am eastern.


Call Notes

2017_01_10 Call Notes.pdf

2017_03_28 Call Notes.pdf

2017_06_13 Call Notes.pdf

2017_07_25Call Notes.pdf

2017_08_22 Call Notes.pdf

2017_10_31 Call Notes.pdf

2018_01_16 Call Notes.pdf

2018_03_20 Call Notes.pdf

2018_04_03 Call Notes.pdf

2018_05_09 Call Notes.pdf

2018_05_23 Call Notes.docx

2018_07_03 Call Notes.pdf

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2018_08_21 Call Notes.pdf

2018_09_11 Call Notes.pdf

2018_10_09 Call Notes.pdf

New Staff Orientation

  1. XSEDE New Staff Guide
  2. Will add workshop planning, organizing webinars, and conference exhibiting checklists. 
  3. Under-Represented Minority, Institution Classifications, and Data Sets
    1. The Carnegie ClassificationTM has been the leading framework for recognizing and describing institutional diversity in U.S. higher education for the past four and a half decades.
    2. National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering 2017 Report



8/27 - 8/29/2018XSEDE In-Person Quarterly Staff MeetingChicago, ILAkli
9/16 - 9/18/2018White House Initiative on HBCUs ConferenceWashington, DCAki
9/19 - 9/22/2018ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing (Exhibitor, Poster Judge)Orlando, FLAkli
9/25/2018Morgan Statue University New User TrainingBaltimore, MDAkli, Alameda
9/28/2018Computing4Change In-Person Staff MeetingAustin, TXAkli, Gaither, Gomez, plus Others
10/6/2018CSULA DIRECT STEM Introduction to Scientific Computing by CSULS faculty w/XSEDE ObserversLos Angeles, CAAkli, Arora, RituAlameda, JayRoberto Comacho
10/11 - 10/13/2018SACNAS National Conference (Exhibitor)San Antonio, TXBland , plus Othersplus Jerry Perez (UT Dallas)
10/20CSULA DIRECT STEM Intro to Scientific Computing Workshop by CSULA faculty w/ XSEDE ObserversLos Angeles, CAGomez, Antia, AnirbanJana
11/3/2018CSULA DIRECT STEM Training by Local Faculty w/XSEDE ObserversLos Angeles, CATBDNo XSEDE Observers
11/11 - 11/16/2018Computing4Change Student Workshop in collaboration with SIGHPCDallas, TXAkli, Gaither, Gomez, plus Others
1/2019Clark Atlanta/Spelman WorkshopAtlanta, GAAkli, Alameda, Cahill
 2/9/2019CSULA DIRECT STEM Unix/Linux WorkshopLos Angeles, CAGomez,  Arora. Alameda
2/21 - 2/23/2019Emerging Researchers National Conference (Exhibitor, Professional Dev WorkshopWashington, DCAkli
2/23/2019CSULA DIRECT STEM Python Part 1 WorkshopLos Angeles, CAGomez, Lamas-LinaresComacho, Jana
3/2/2019CSULA DIRECT STEM Python Part 2 WorkshopLos Angeles, CAGomez, Lamas-LinaresComacho, Jana


Campus Visits PY7


  1. April 11, 2018, Clark Atlanta, Morehouse, and Spelman, coordinated by Linda
      1. Meeting with CAU President and Provost to discuss strategic plans and curriculum initiatives
      2. Seminar for faculty from all three institutions including XSEDE Overview by Linda and Science Cases by Jay
      3. Technical consulting with prospective users from all three institutions
  2. April 18, 2018, California State University Los Angeles, coordinated by Rosie
    1. Meeting with Data Intensive Research and Education Center for STEM faculty
    2. Center's overarching goal of recruiting highly competitive, historically under-represented students, giving them direct NASA research experience in scientific computing and data analysis, and inspiring them to become future leaders in STEM-related professions.
    3. XSEDE training was identified as way to suplement the training provided by local instructors. Primary topics of interest included Intro to Linux/Unix and Python. Additional ones to be determined.
    4. Planning call schedule to be established once XSEDE trainers are identified.
    5. This could become a model for working with other CSU campuses and other institutions with funded STEM centers and initiatives for URMs.
  3. May 1, 2018, University of Texas at El Paso, coordinated by Rosie
      1. Cancelled. The local champions are presenting regular intro to XSEDE and training sessions. There does not appear to be a need for a visit at this time. 
      2. Outcome of discussion connected the CAHSI staff at UTEP with the campus champions.

Campus Visits PY6

  1. Jan 24, 2017, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, Leadership Meeting & Technical Consulting (Akli, Alameda, & Cahill)
    1. Kate & Linda met with Senior Leadership to discuss curriculum and the potential for a consortium approach to address issues. XSEDE-Akli_Cahill_01_2017_UPRM.pdf
    2. Jay Alameda met with researchers and provided consulting support:
      1. Dr. Guillermo Araya  , Computational Fluid Dynamics: Previous user with an allocation request submitted to the March XRAC. Has access to blue waters for teaching a course and Interested in attending PEARC17.
      2. Dr. Dorothy Bollman, Mathematics: Current user with installation and environment issues self-installing Pycud in home directory, Jay submitting a ticket to request that Pycuda be installed initially on stampede and subsequently on all GPU systems.
      3. Dr. Edgar Acuna, Mathematics: Edgar is a previous user of XSEDE resources but wants to now engage as a big data user using Python and Spark. Jay recommended submitting a startup for comet, wrangler and bridges with ECSS support.
  2. Feb 16, 2017, James Madison, Conference Call with Yasmeen Shorish, Data Services Coordinator, Assoc. Professor and Mr. Ben Delp, Director of Research Development and Promotion
    1. Call set up by Yvonne Harris, Ph.D., Vice Provost, Research and Scholarship, Division of Academic Affairs who was unable to attend call due to illness
    2. Presented an abbreviated XSEDE Overview What is XSEDE-Akli_02_2017_JMU.pdf
    3. Referral to Education Program (Kate Cahill) for additional discussion of curriculum, competencies
    4. Referral to Campus Engagement (Dana Brunson) for campus champions information.
    5. Since the call, JMU is planning on appointing a campus champion then will begin to develop a plan for training and possible XSEDE awareness events.
    6. There is one JMU power user who has been using resources managed by TeraGrid and XSEDE.
  3. Mar 22, 2017, George Mason University
    1. Meeting with Jayshree Sarma, Interim Director, Research Computing and XSEDE Campus Champion
    2. Referral to XSEDE Education: Interest in how to expand Computational and Data Science curriculum at William and Mary, Old Dominion University, George Mason and several of the other smaller institutions.
    3. Referral to Campus Engagement and Student Programs: Jayshree would also like to offer HPC boot camps for students on her campus. Also participates in a VA consortium that might be interested in a presentation on the XSEDE Education Program. Consortium includes:
    4. Referral to PEARC17 Website: Interest in students participating in the conference. Some concern about the requirement for partial funding from a student's institution will be a barrier for GMU students.
    5. Due to the location of GMU and the surrounding population, GMU serves a diverse population including women. Suggested that approaching campus broadening participation programs or centers to make sure XSEDE information about student programs is distributed in a way to reach everyone. CEE-BP and CEE-Campus Engagement can work together to develop strategies and possible events.
  4. April 25, 2017, Bethune Cookman University
    1. Meeting with Deans and Chairs to introduce XSEDE and discuss curriculum
    2. Meetings with a variety of campus representatives including IT and Library services
    3. Outcome, continued support for curriculum activities, potential collaborative proposals, and invitation to present at the Educational Justice Conference in July

2018 Conference Participation

 Feb, 21, 2018 IEEE STCBP Conference on Research on Equity and Sustained Participation in Engineering, Computing, and Technology (RESPECT'18)

    1. Excellent paper presentations
    2. Good networking with other Diversity and Inclusion professionals
  1. Feb, 22 - 15, Emerging Researchers National Conference, Washington, DC
    1. Linda Akli and John Holly staffed the XSEDE exhibit table. About 75 good student contacts made.
    2. Linda served as lead judge for undergraduate computer science research posters
    3. In collaboration with Intel, presented a professional development workshop entitled, "Computational, Visualization and Data Science: Solutions for World Changing Science"
  2. Mar 14, 2018, North Carolina A&T for the NC HBCU IT Administrators Community of Practice Meeting
    1. Organized by the Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), Minority Telecommunications Development Office of Policy Analysis and Development
    2. Participants included Barbara Scotia, NCAT, NCCU, and Shaw
    3. Outcomes
      1. NCCU interest in organizing a faculty and IT administrators workshop for all 11 HBCU campuses
      2. Shaw interested in joining Champions program
  3. April 17, 2018, Prepárate: Educating Latinos for the Future of America, panel, Advanced Computing & Cultural Competency: Latinos in the 21st Century, coordinated by Rosie
    1. Kelly, Linda, Roberto Camacho Barranco (UTEP), and Rosie panel participants
  4. June 7 - 8, Strategic Partnership for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure at Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), Atlanta, GA
    1. Previously, SPAN Workshop
    2. Coordinated by Clemson, Georgia State, South Carolina State, and University of Georgia
    3. Linda Serving on Program Committee but did not attend due to schedule conflicts.
    4. Dana Brunson attended as a presenter and identified several HBCUs that might be candidates for XSEDE visits or follow up by CEE-BP.
    5. Waiting on workshop report to identify any significant findings or opportunities.
  5. July 23 - 27, PEARC18
    1. Participants on mentoring panel organized by Jennifer
    2. Paper presentation coordinated by Kelly
    3. MSI Breakfast, hosted by Linda
    4. Providing travel support for 8 MSI Champions plus one additional faculty member from UVA that is engaged in broadening participation in STEM initiatives and computationally driven research
  6. Sep 19 - 22, ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, Orlando, FL
    1. Exhibitor
    2. Linda will attend and will recruit several local faculty to support the exhibit table
  7. Sep 26 - 28, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Dallas, TX
    1. This conference continues to be too expensive for us to become an exhibitor
    2. Linda and Rosie, reviewed student travel grant applications
    3. Linda or Rosie will send out email in September to XSEDE All list to see who will be attending and encourage them to connect during the conference.
  8. Oct 11- 13, SACNAS National Conference, San Antonio, TX
    1. Exhibitor
    2. Linda will attend and possibly Marques
    3. Linda will also recruit additional support for the exhibit table from local institutions
  9. Nov 11 - 16, SC18, Dallas, TX
    1. Compute4Change Student Workshop

2017 Conference Participation

  1. Mar 2 - 4, Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM, Washington, DC
    1. Vetria Byrd of Purdue participated with CEE-BP in staffing the XSEDE table and filled in for Linda Akli (who was double booked at that time with research oral presentations) in the professional development workshop
    2. Marques Bland of TACC participated in staffing the XSEDE table
    3. Linda Akli was a "head" judge for undergraduate computer science oral presentations
    4. Over 60student contacts were made, reconnected with Tuskegee faculty who would like an XSEDE visit
    5. The panel with the author of Hidden Figures, keynote talks were also exceptionally inspiring
  2. May 18 - 19, South Carolina State University, NSF’s regional partnership program Workshop
    1. Dana Brunson and Linda Akli participated on panels.
    2. Several new champions identified at this meeting including Damian Clarke (a former XSEDE14 student participant and now SCSU's CIO), Mauise Ricard (new CIO at Morehouse), Terris Riley (Clinton College)
    3. Linda spoke at length with John Bennett, Lead Instructor of Business and Computer Related Technology at Denmark Technical College and made a referral to Ruby Mendenhall based on project interest.
    4. Linda lunch discussion with Mauise Ricard hopefully puts in motion some re-organization of Champions at Morehouse and stronger engagement.
    5. Three conference participants applied for travel support to PEARC17 and two were awarded to Damian Clarke and Mauise Ricard
    6. There appears to be strong potential to host an workshop which could draw from faculty at SCSU, Claflin, Clinton College, and Denmark Technical College.
  3. Sep 20 - 23, ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, Atlanta, GA
    1. Obtained contact information for over 60 students
    2. Connected with NCAR to discuss ACSC workshop at SC16 and enlist support for promoting
    3. Conducted standing room only Birds of a Feather session about ACSC and obtained contact information for several faculty interested in discussing curriculum development
    4. Recommend continuing to engage with the program committee, submit sessions, and exhibit in 2018
  4. Oct 4 - 6, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Orlando, FL
    1. Brief conversation with Sarah Echohawk, CEO of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society
    2. Promoted ACSC to two Denver institutions exhibiting 
    3. Excellent keynotes, talks, and papers
    4. Exhibit options too expensive. Should submit a panel proposal focused on Advanced Computing for Social Change for 2018.
  5. Oct 19 - 21, SACNAS, The National Diversity in STEM Conference, Salt Lake City, UT
    1. Using lead retrieval, obtained over 100 student contacts
    2. Champions from UC Merced and University of Utah were tremendous assistance to Rosie at the XSEDE exhibit table
    3. Recommend continuing to engage with the program committee, submit sessions, and exhibit in 2018
  6. Nov 12 - 16, SC17, Advanced Computing for Social Change Institute in collaboration with XSEDE Student Programs

Diversity Forum

  • Updates to be added

Workshops - PY8

  1. September 25, 2018, Morgan State University
    1. One day only XSEDE Overview and New User Training presented by Linda Akli and Jay Alameda
    2. Other schools to be invited include Coppin State University, Bowie State University
    3. Based on Dana's contact at the SPACI workshop will try to invite University of Maryland Eastern Shore to workshop and/or schedule campus visit
  2. October 25 - 26, 2018, Clark Atlanta University - Spelman Workshop
    1. Bi-weekly planning calls are scheduled for Tuesdays at 1pm eastern
    2. Pre-event survey has been updated for this event
    3. Survey to be conducted during the month of July with goal to develop agenda for workshop in August
    4. Additional schools will be invited including Morehouse College, and Morehouse Medical. Others to be determined.

 Workshops - PY7

  1.  October 19 - 21, 2017, South Carolina State University Workshop and Leadership Meeting
    1. Planning team: Akli, Alameda, Cahill, Holly, Rivera, Damian Clarke (SCSU Champion), Joey Brenn (Claflin), and Terris Riley (Clinton College Champion)
    2. Pre-event survey conducted and due to small response, shaped the event as small introductory training event
    3. Registration used and a training allocation with John Holly as allocation manager used for account management (change from past practices)
    4. Participant email included Duo instructions for 2 factor authentication in addition to normal logistics information (change from past practices)
    5. Leadership meeting held at SCSU with the university president and deans. President demonstrated strong support for use of advanced computing and curriculum changes
    6. Follow up events will include a webinar series

Workshops - PY6

  1. Oct - Nov 2016, UPRM Graduate Student Wednesday Afternoon Webinar Series
    1. Nov 2 - Python Part I Antonio Gomez (TACC)
    2. Nov 9 - Intro to Linux, Part II, Daniel Lucio (NICS)
    3. Nov 30 - Python Part II Antonio Gómez (TACC)
    4. Dec 7 - R, David Walling (TACC)
    5. Logistics: Ana Gonzalez (Campus Champion), promoted, obtained lab room, took attendance, onsite proctor
    6. Logistics - Marquez Bland (TACC) set up the XSEDE Zoom conferencing for the event. This appeared to work well.
    7. Logistics - John Holly (SURA) managed registration, provided sign-in sheets to Ana, and monitored the sessions
    8. Logistics - Jay Alameda (NCSA) coordinated resource access
    9. Evaluation: Attendees registered through the portal and attendance marked in the portal
    10. Evaluation: Only a small number of surveys completed. Need to identify how to get a better completion rate for webinars.
  2. Mar 31 - Apr 1 2017, Southern University and A&M College, Multi-Day Workshop & Leadership Meeting
    1. Planning team Akli, Alameda, Cahill, Holly, Rivera, Rachel Vincent-Finley (Campus Champion)
    2. Pre-event survey opened Jan 17, 2016 and closed February 15.
    3. Registration is over 30 participants and based on the campus culture could have significant number of walk ins.
    4. Senior Leadership meetings are scheduled for Thursday, Mar 31. Linda and Kate will present along with Rachel Vincent-Finley, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Sciences and Engineering and Campus Champion.
  3. May 2 - 4 2017, Jackson State University, Jackson, MS, Multi-Day Workshop & Leadership Meeting
    1. Planning team: Akli, Alameda, Cahill, Holly, Rivera, Carmen Wright (Campus Champion)
    2. Pre-event survey opened Sep 8, 2016 and completed.
    3. Registration opened March 21st.
    4. Bi-weekly planning calls are held Thursdays at 2pm eastern on the CEE-BP Skype number starting February 9th.
    5. Webinar series starting Nov 7 with Intro to Scientific Visualization presentation by SDSC