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Mission Statement

Broadening Participation will engage under-represented minority researchers from domains and institutions that are not traditional users of advanced computing. Our target audience ranges from potential users with no computational experience to computationally savvy researchers, educators, Campus Champions, and administrators that will promote change at their institutions for increased use of advanced digital services for research and teaching.

Goals, Metrics, KPIs


# of new underrepresented individuals (women and racial/ethnic minorities) users>100Deepen/Extend – Extending use to new communities (§3.1.2)

# of sustained underrepresented individuals (women and racial/ethnic minorities) users

>1,000Deepen/Extend – Extending use to new communities (§3.1.2)

Longitudinal Assessment of XSEDE Inclusion &Equity via the Climate Survey

25% ImprovementAdvance – Enhance the array of technical expertise and support services


# of new underrepresented individuals (women and racial/ethnic minorities) users>100
# of sustained underrepresented individuals (women and racial/ethnic minorities) users>1,000



Team Members

John HollySURAAdmin


Communication & Meetings

CEE-BP calls are biweekly on Tuesdays @11:am eastern.


Call Notes

2017_01_10 Call Notes.pdf

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New Staff Orientation

  1. XSEDE New Staff Guide
  2. Will add workshop planning, organizing webinars, and conference exhibiting checklists. 
  3. Under-Represented Minority, Institution Classifications, and Data Sets
    1. The Carnegie ClassificationTM has been the leading framework for recognizing and describing institutional diversity in U.S. higher education for the past four and a half decades.
    2. National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering 2017 Report



7/23 - 7/26/2018PEARC18 (BoF, MSI Breakfast, Paper Presentation, & XSEDE Staff Meeting)Pittsburgh, PAAkli
8/27 - 8/29/2018XSEDE In-Person Quarterly Staff MeetingChicago, ILAkli
9/16 - 9/18/2018White House Initiative on HBCUs ConferenceWashington, DCAki
9/19 - 9/22/2018ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing (Exhibitor, Poster Judge)Orlando, FLAkli
9/25/2018Morgan Statue University New User TrainingBaltimore, MDAkli, Alameda
9/28/2018Computing4Change In-Person Staff MeetingAustin, TXAkli, Gaither, Gomez, plus Others
10/6/2018CSULA DIRECT STEM Introduction to Scientific Computing by CSULS faculty w/XSEDE ObserversLos Angeles, CAAkli
10/11 - 10/13/2018SACNAS National Conference (Exhibitor)San Antonio, TXAkli
10/20CSULA DIRECT STEM Intro to Scientific Computing Workshop by CSULA faculty w/ XSEDE ObserversLos Angeles, CAGomez
11/3/2018CSULA DIRECT STEM Training by Local Faculty w/XSEDE ObserversLos Angeles, CATBD
11/11 - 11/16/2018Computing4Change Student Workshop in collaboration with SIGHPCDallas, TXAkli, Gaither, Gomez, plus Others
 2/9/2019CSULA DIRECT STEM Unix/Linux WorkshopLos Angeles, CAGomez,  Arora. Alameda
2/21 - 2/23/2019Emerging Researchers National Conference (Exhibitor, Professional Dev WorkshopWashington, DCAkli
2/23/2019CSULA DIRECT STEM Python Part 1 WorkshopLos Angeles, CAGomez, Lamas-Linares, Jana
3/2/2019CSULA DIRECT STEM Python Part 2 WorkshopLos Angeles, CAGomez, Lamas-Linares, Jana