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  1. XSEDE update (John Towns)
  2. Open Science Grid - the next phase  (Frank Wuerthwein, UCSD)
  3. Providing ECSS-like consulting for L2 and L3's for Data Transfer Services (Rick Mohr, UTK).
  4. Novel and Innovative Projects support for Machine Learning projects (Sergiu Sanielevici, PSC)
  5. Operations update, Information Publishing Framework (Victor Hazlewood, UTK)
  6. Tentative Future agenda items:
    1. TBD: XDMoD overview + study of NSF innovation systems (Tom Furlani, U of Buffalo)
    2. RDR Resource Selector Q&A, (Dave Hart, NCAR)
    3. XSEDE communications campaign concept discussion (Kristin Williamson, UIUC)

Participation Coordinates: