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Next meeting: May 17, 2018

(agenda forthcoming)


  1. XSEDE update (John Towns)
  2. Membership update
    1. University of Missouri, Research Computing Support Services (Timothy Middelkoop, Ph.D.; Director of Research Computing Support Services, Division of IT;Assistant Teaching Professor, Industrial Engineering (IMSE))
    2. Southern Illinois University, Office of Information Technology (Chet Langin, PhD; Research Coordinator, Office of Information Technology)
    3. UCSD Bioburst: Application sent back for further clarification
  3. XSEDE Quarterly is June 6-7; Opportunity for a slot to present. Let me know and I'll work with Ron Payne to get a slot.
  4. Victor OOO, and reports that there is no operations update.
  5. Straw poll on SPF meeting frequency (Monthly: 4; Every 2 weeks: 2; Every 2-weeks and cancel as needed: 6)
    1. Will go with every two weeks and cancel as needed.
    2. To that end: For the May 31 meeting: ~10 of the regular attendees will be unavailable due to a conflicting workshop. Shall we cancel?
  6. PEARC'18 SPF F2F meeting (13 SPF members confirmed so far - please let Shawn know asap, so I he can reserve a room for the meeting)
  7. Perspectives on the rise of for-fee models of support for previously free software (e.g. Globus, Singularity, HDF5, etc). Would be interested in hearing what SP Forum perspective are, how they're approaching, if there's anything anything we can/should do as a group to engage with these vendors.
  8. Tentative Future agenda items:
    1. June 14: NIP/ECSS and machine learning (Sergui Sanielevici, PSC)
    2. June 28: XDMoD overview + study of NSF innovation systems (Tom Furlani, U of Buffalo)