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  • Nicole Avila, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona:
    • "My participation in the EMPOWER program has given me opportunities beyond what I could have imagined. I felt supported and encouraged to do my best for the entirety of my spring apprenticeship. For example, my scientific academic writing has increased dramatically because of the monthly progress reports and publication that I am working on. Specifically, I have gained the ability to present my thoughts more professionally, clearly, and concisely. Professionally, I now have computational experience that I will take on to graduate school. I also have computations that will eventually be published, which has increased my resume. I now have research experience that I could not have attained without the program! The positive experience that I have had at XSEDE has encouraged me to continue onto graduate school for computations!" (written April 2021)
  • Nicholas Grabill, Michigan State University:
    • "I believe the XSEDE EMPOWER program was a fantastic way to get introduced to computational research. I will be doing the Applied Mathematics REU (SUAMI) at Carnegie Mellon University this summer." (written April 2021)
  • Tyler Kibler and Nicolas Null, West Virginia University Institute of Technology:
  • Nicolas Null, West Virginia University Institute of Technology:
    • "Participating in the EMPOWER program has not only helped me learn tons about machine learning, but also has given me a passion for data science and machine learning. I am now seriously considering a career in this field. I started this semester not knowing how to code in python and having very limited exposure to machine learning concepts to being fairly fluent in python and using tons of open source libraries for our project. I am also learning how to be a good team member as I work with a group of two other students on the same project. I would never have considered the machine learning field. It all seemed so complicated to me. After doing a deep dive this semester on machine learning basics, I now understand the core concepts and can apply them to everyday problems. My school does not even offer a machine learning class, so the EMPOWER program alone opened my eyes to this amazing field of study and work." (written April 2021)
    • "I also presented my work to the Artificial Intelligence class on campus and helped introduce the topics of machine learning to the class. With these presentations, we created a well commented Jupyter Notebook that could help others in getting started with machine learning. This included nice looking graphics to represent the results. We published this on my github account so people could use it as a template to start their own machine learning projects. Here is the link to the tutorial notebook we created:" (written May 2021)
  • Arianna Martin, Southwestern Oklahoma State University:
    • Martin, A., & Evert, J. (2021, March). Using OSG to Facilitate Research Computing at a Regional University. Presentation at Oklahoma Research Day, Weatherford, Oklahoma.
    • "On April 10, I took my code and presentation to the Oklahoma High Performance Computing Competition and placed 1st in my division." (written April 2021)
    • Martin, A., Evert, J., & Sleeper, C. (2021, April). MPI4PY Implementation of Greedy Algorithm for the Shortest Path Problem. Presentation at Southwestern Oklahoma State University Spring Research Fair.

November 1, 2020 – January 31, 2021