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A good discussion resulted and I'll summarize some .  Some Globus discussion was had and for figuring out how to transition XSEDE should query SPs to find out usage patterns and how end users are using Globus (Globus GUI or globus-url-copy). Some of the questions and answers/results were:

Q: Who can help SPs with implementation and support of Gateways?

A: Marlon Pierce's group is the right place person for that.  Just like the SP Coordinator helps coordination SPs throughout integration with XSEDE, Marlon specifically works with gateway developers and with SPs to address integration issues.


A: See the XSEDE Software repository at  (always use the latest version)

Q: LSU asked is there a best practice guide for SPs and/or Gateway Developers

A: There is no XSEDE developed best practice guide for SPs sinc e the gateway implementations vary so widely.   Some of the gateway developer info is on the XSEDE website and it is discussed on the gateway call.  ECSS can be used to identify problems with Gateways at SPs and support requests can be made to ECSS to help develop/fix gateway implementations.

Q: what are the methods that community accounts can use when Globus support transitions in 2019?

A: It is suspected that GSI OpenSSH support will be picked up by someone (some discussions have mentioned OSG might) and GSI authentication will be maintained.  In Common (CILogon) issued credentials can be used with GSI OpenSSH.    NICS has documented for NICS ACF users how to do this.  If someone is interested in that documentation see  specifically the Setting up x.509 authentication section

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