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New Staff Orientation

  1. XSEDE New Staff Guide
  2. Professional Development
    1. Attend XSEDE New User and Successful Allocations Proposal webinars at a minimum annually.
    2. Attend other XSEDE training webinars as needed.
    3. Participate in webinars on Inclusion in STEM offered by NSF Includes Coordination Hub, National Academy of Sciences, and others
  3. Event Planning Process
    1. Guide to Organizing Inclusive Scientific Meetings
    2. ACM Guide to Organizing Virtual Conferences,
  4. Under-Represented Minority, Institution Classifications, and Data Sets
    1. The Carnegie ClassificationTM has been the leading framework for recognizing and describing institutional diversity in U.S. higher education for the past four and a half decades.
    2. What is an HBCU?
    3. Definition of Hispanic-Serving Institutions
    4. Tribal Colleges and Universities Profiles
    5. National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering 2017 Report
    6. National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Persistence, Retention, and Attainment of 2011–12 First-Time Beginning Postsecondary Students as of Spring 2017

  5. Research Reports
    1. Alumni of Tribal Colleges Better Their Communities, Gallup Poll and American Indian Fund, 2019, Alumni of Tribal Colleges and Universities Better Their Communities.pdf
    2. White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities 2019 Federal Agencies Priorities Briefing,
    3. Increasing Women and Underrepresented Minorities in Computing: The Landscape and What You Can Do, IEEE Computer, 2019, mco2018100024.pdf
    4. What Would it Take to overcome the damaging effects of structural racism and ensure a more equitable future, Urban Institute, 2019.05.12_Next50 structural racism_finalized (1).pdf
    5. 2019 Fact Sheet, Hispanic Higher Education and HSIs, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, 2018_HSI_FactSheet.pdf
    6. Playbook on Best Practices: Gender Equality in Tech, 2018_HSI_FactSheet.pdf
    7. Evidence-based Strategies for Improving Equity and Inclusion of Individuals in Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Groups


01/09 - 01/10/20AUCC Data Science Initiative Faculty Development WorkshopAtlanta, GAAkli, Alameda, Cahill, Holly, Trueheart, Walling
02/06 - 02/08/20Emerging Researchers National ConferenceWashington, DCAkli, Herold, Holly
02/22/20CSULA NASA DIRECT STEM Student Workshop - New User TrainingLos Angeles, CAAkli, Alameda, Gomez
02/25 - 02/26/20Albany State University Curriculum Initiative MeetingsAlbany, GAAkli, Cahill
03/07/20CSULA NASA DIRECT STEM Student Workshop - Intro to Linux/UnixLos Angeles, CAAlameda, Powell, Holly
03/12/20Savannah State University - Applied Math Workshop in Computational ThinkingSavannah, GAPanoff
04/18/20CSULA NASA DIRECT STEM Student Workshop - Python Part 1OnlineCahill, Ameko, Akli
04/25/20CSULA NASA DIRECT STEM Student Workshop - Python Part 2OnlineCahill, Weeden, Gomez
05/31 - 06/05/20Computational Chemistry for Chemistry Educators WorkshopOnlineCahill
06/08 - 06/12/20Blue Waters Parallel Computational STEM Curriculum Capstone WorkshopOnlinePanoff, Weeden
06/15 - 06/19/20Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science WorkshopSpartanburg, SCPanoff
07/20 - 07/24/20Advanced Computing for Social Change Curriculum Development WorkshopOnlineAkli, Cahill, Alameda, Fratkin, Holly, Mendenhall
07/27 - 07/31/20Advanced Computing for Social Change Student WorkshopOnlineBland, Fratkin, Gaither, Gomez, Holly, Mendenhall
09/16 - 09/19/20ACM Tapia Celebration of Diversity in ComputingVirtualAkli, Alameda, Gomez, Gonzalez, Holly, ScibekPowell
09/24/20AAAS: Back to School and “Out” of School in a New Paradigm of Teaching, Learning, and Conducting Research WebinarVirtualAkli - Panelist
09/29 - 10/02/20Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in ComputingVirtualAkli
10/22 - 10/24/20SACNAS National ConferenceVirtualTBDAkli, Alameda, Gomez, Holly, Powell
11/5 - 11/9/2020HPC In the City Hackathon, Alameda, Holly
11/11/2020Seventh SC Workshop on Best Practices for HPC Training and Education (BPHTE20)VirtualGomez, Mehringer, Powell, Weeden
11/14 - 11/20/20SC20 - Computing4Change Student WorkshopVirtualAkli, Alameda, Gomez, Fratkin, Holly

Campus Visits PY10 - To be scheduled when Travel Restrictions are Lifted in 2021

Campus Visits PY9 - Suspended March 7 due to COVID-19 Travel Restrictions