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XAB Purpose

The XSEDE Advisory Board (XAB)to help ensure that XSEDE is designed to impact a broad range of disciplines, enable both research and education, have broader impacts to society, and have a user community that is diverse (gender, ethnic background, etc.) and includes representation from all types of colleges and universities. The XAB advises in the annual planning process, reviews the annual plans, and recommends strategic directions. While primarily strategic, the XAB may make tactical recommendations that help XSEDE. 


Current members of the XAB:

  • Service Provider Forum Representatives:
  • User Advisory Committee Representative:
    • Emre Brooks, University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio (2015- )

Former Members

Former XAB Members:

XAB Meetings

Topic requests should be submitted via the XAB Topic Request form.

Upcoming Meetings

  • 2017 Apr F2F Mtg: Tue, 4/25-Wed, 4/26 – Dinner the night before an 8am-3pm CT meeting in Chicago
  • 2017 Jun Call: Wed, 6/14 – 11am-12pm ET | 10-11am CT | 9-10am MT | 8-9am PT
  • 2017 Aug Call: Wed, 8/9 – 2-3pm ET | 1-2pm CT | 12-1pm MT | 11am-12pm PT
  • 2017 Oct Webinar: Wed, 10/11 – 12-1pm ET | 11am-3pm CT |  10am-2pm MT | 9am-1pm PT
  • 2017 Dec Call: Wed, 12/13 – 11am-12pm ET | 10-11am CT | 9-10am MT | 8-9am PT

Previous Meetings


  • 2017 Feb Call: Wed, 2/8 – 11am-12pm ET | 10-11am CT | 9-10am MT | 8-9am PT


  • 2016 Dec Call: Wednesday, 12/14 from 12-1pm ET | 11am-12pm CT | 10-11am MT | 9-10am PT
  • 2016 Oct Call: Wednesday, 10/5 from 11am-3pm ET | 10am-2pm CT | 9am-1pm MT | 8am-12pm PT
  • 2016 Aug Call: Wednesday, 8/17 from 12-1pm ET | 11am-12pm CT | 10-11am MT | 9-10am PT

Membership Guidelines


The XAB consists of five scientific leaders, selected by the XSEDE management team, from different communities who use XSEDE along with the chair of the UAC and three representatives from the SPF. These members are complemented by an additional five senior members of the broader community selected by the XSEDE management team. Members are requested to serve a minimum of one, two-year staggered term.


XAB Chairperson

The Chair of the XAB is responsible for ensuring that the XAB meets quarterly and reports back to the XSEDE Senior Management Team the results of the meeting, including any recommendations and/or action items that need attention by XSEDE and the timescale for the action. The Chair will be self-selected by the XAB membership. The selection process will be discussed with NSF and NSF will be kept apprised of candidates and the decision process.  Comments from the NSF CPO will be considered throughout the selection process. The XAB chair nomination is expected to be provided to the NSF in the Fall of 2016.



  • The XAB will meet semi-annually, either in person or by teleconference.
    • The NSF Program Officer has requested copies of all future XAB meeting agendas.
    • XAB members are required to attend at least 4 of the 6 annual meetings of which attendance at the in-person meeting in April is strongly encouraged. If a member is unable to fulfill his or her responsibilities, members will be asked to step down from the board before their two-year term is complete.