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  • Identify potential interviewers
  • Identify potential interviewees
    • Staff, L1/2s (include Nancy and Ralph), L3s, PM&R
      • Patricia Kovatch, Tim Cockerill, Amy Schuele, Ester Soriano, Jim Marstellar, John Cazes, Marlon Pierce, Karla Gendler, Laura Herriott, 
        Nick Berente, Kay Hunt
    • Project officers: Rudi? Might be reluctant as an NSF stance. Interview would be about the process not the project. Might also include Barry and Bob. 
    • XAB: Cliff, Karen, Albert, historical members (John will review list)
      • Could do this in an hour long focus group during an XAB call
    • SP forum members, PIs on awards. 
      • Could do this in an online focus group during an SP forum call
    • NSF: Al and Amy, Manish?
    • Centers: Mike Norman, Bill Gropp, Sean, Dan S., Emre, Tom Cheatham. 
      • This group might need visuals/materials to orient them towards focus of study. Look at section 1 of the quarterly reports/IPRs. 
  • Draft questions for Interview Protocol
    • What was the value-added of having KPIs and metrics? 
      • Can you give me an example of how KPIs increased your ability (i.e. efficiency, excellence, data driven decision making, obstacle, etc.)?
    •  What should some of the higher level top down metrics be?


Areas of study: History, organizational structure, process of development, 


Focus on impact over outcomes.

Since we went through this process and continue to do this creates deeper understanding and cohesion across disparate areas of the project.

Would be interesting to talk about gaps and issues with what we have. For example the number of ECSS projects is related to the number of ECSS staff - are we big enough to do what we do?

Could relate to consistency of metrics across areas - "linking metrics."

Should we have more KPIs across L2 areas to help generate joint work for a common goal ex. how are each of the areas contributing to increasing the number of MSI users?

Can also look at publications as a top down metric

-what would some of these higher level metrics be? 

--ROI work might fall under here. 

*Consider adding questions related to this study to the climate study for 2020. 

Who should be interviewed?