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Participant Publications, Presentations, and Evidence of Impact

From Manuel Santiago, University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez, participant in spring and fall 2019:

Santiago, M., Torres, G., & Araya, G. (2019). High order statistics in Favorable Pressure Gradient (FPG) flows. Unpublished manuscript.

From Vatsal Shah, New Jersey Institute of Technology, participant in fall 2019:

Tong, A., Pham, Q.L., Shah, V., Naik, A., Abatemarco, P., & Voronov, R. (2020). An Automated Addressable Microfluidics Device for Minimally Disruptive Manipulation of Cells and Fluids within Living Cultures. Manuscript submitted for publication.

From Hamid Abbasi, Rutgers University (working with a mentor from Hood College), and Christian Wagner, Hood College, participants in summer 2019:

"We co-authored a paper, generated a poster, and participated in a joint formal presentation of our work throughout the summer with our mentor and some of his other interns."

From Tanya Nesterova, University of Delaware, participant in summer and fall 2019:

"I attended a National Institutes of Health (NIH) meeting on the structural biology of HIV. I have also produced a poster for a chemistry/biochemistry conference in my university’s department and the Summer Scholars conference. I presented this poster to colleagues in the chemistry and biology field. I also went to the data science symposium in my university and provided a lightning talk and presented my poster in front of other faculty and students who do research in mathematics and computational science. I networked and met people who also do work like mine in chemistry."

Daniel Norment, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, participant in summer 2019, created a YouTube video summarizing his project work:

From Mackenzie Tygh, Haverford College, participant in summer 2019:

"I will present my work at the 2020 meeting of the American Astronomical Society."

From Matthew Veter, Portland State University, participant in summer 2019:

"I will presenting the preliminary data I have collected at a computational conference scheduled on August 22 for dissemination of my findings at the NSF-sponsored PacNOW symposium held in Portland, OR."

From Rylee Sundermann, South Dakota State University, participant in spring 2019:

Sundermann, R., Stegmeier, N., McClanahan, N., Kimn, J.-H., & Doom, J. (2019, July). 3D Simulations of Biofilms using the Modified Cahn-Hilliard Equation. Poster presented at PEARC '19: Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing, Chicago, IL.

From Maritza Anguiano Carrillo, California State University-San Marcos, participant in spring 2019:


Quintana, F., Kodera A., Horan, B.G., Yamashiro, S., Mittal, J., Watanabe, N., & Vavylonis, D. (2019, March). Mechanism of formin-mediated actin polymerization: alternate delivery of profilin-actin to the barbed end. Poster presented at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society, Baltimore, MD.


Sharma, B., Carter, T., & Rai, S. (2019, February 26). Using  Using NetLogo To Create Building Occupancy Simulation of University Building Environment. Poster presented at the 16th Annual Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol, Charleston, WV.


"I presented at Bluffton University’s Research Fair for my XSEDE EMPOWER Program internship entitled “Sonification and Visualization of Scientific Data.” This poster presentation session allowed me to share my research with other Bluffton students while encouraging them to pursue research opportunities they are interested in."

News Stories

"Researchers Attempt To Predict & Prevent Suicide Using Deep Learning And Math." April 15, 2019.

"Paid to learn: Students delve into the world of high performance computing." September 14, 2018.