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XSEDE conducts surveys periodically on various topics to assure that the overall organization is functioning at its best. Currently there are three surveys which XSEDE staff and users are requested to respond to. They are voluntary but strongly recommended. These are listed below.  

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Communications Survey

XSEDE recognizes the evolving communication needs of its staff. As a result, XSEDE administration commissions an internal communications survey to assess existing communication mechanisms and plan for future modifications utilizing staff input. The survey is conducted by the external evaluation team. XSEDE staff should receive an email invitation to complete the survey from Lorna Rivera (

XSEDE User Survey

XSEDE administers an annual survey to all of its users of high-performance computing resources. The goal of this survey is to identify ways we can improve our HPC offerings and broaden engagement to a larger audience of users. 

Results from the 2018 XSEDE User Survey are currently being reviewed. 


XSEDE Climate Survey

The XSEDE Climate survey is intended to gather information from XSEDE staff about the working environment, how to improve collaboration, and general issues of equity and inclusion. 


New Staff Guide Feedback Survey

If you are interested in providing feedback regarding this XSEDE New Staff Guide, please submit your responses to the feedback survey for this guide at the link below:

New Staff Guide Feedback Form




When you have time, please respond to the New Staff Guide Feedback Survey so your views as an XSEDE staff member can be included in this guide to make it the best it can be.

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