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Requested Sessions

Please submit any requested agenda items via the XSEDE Quarterly Topic Request form

All requested agenda topics can be seen HERE.


XSEDE Quarterly Meeting Action Items and Decision Recording


Meeting Registration:



    • Monday, September 9th at 5:00pm CDT through Wednesday, September 11th at noon CDT
    • Please plan to attend the entire meeting through noon CDT Wednesday, which means a 2pm CDT or later flight on Wednesday.


Embassy Suites by Hilton Chicago O'Hare Rosemont

5500 North River Rd. 
Rosemont, IL 60018
(847) 928-7630


Hotel Reservations:

Make your hotel reservation at The deadline to make room reservations in our block is August 19, 2019! 


    • Hotel is 1 mile from O'Hare airport
    • Hotel Shuttle - Free (24 hour)
      • Pickup is at Hotel Bus-Shuttle Center (Door #3)
    • Taxi – $12 (one-way) – 10 Minutes
    • Uber – $10 (one-way) – 10 Minutes

Agenda (Final)

Monday, September 9th

Plenary sessions will be held in Walden



Time (CDT)DurationTopic (presentation link)LeadActions/Decisions
Plenary A5:00 PM5 minWelcome 
Plenary B5:05 PM25 minPM&R Update
Plenary C5:30 PM90 mins

XSEDE Staff Climate Study Results

ppt version / pdf version

Equity and Gender Over Time PDF

Lead: Lorna Rivera

Dinner7:00 PM60 minsIn Salon EF  
Tuesday, September 10th

Plenary and parallel A sessions will be held in Salon D

Parallel B sessions will be held in Salon EF


Time (CDT)DurationTopic (presentation link)



Breakfast7:00 AM60 minsIn Atrium Grove N/A  N/A
L1/L2s only8:00 AM60 minsPY8 Holdback Projections (L1/L2 closed)

Lead: John Towns

Plenary D9:00 AM60 mins

XSEDE Reports: improving

mission statement synergy

Break10:00 AM15 minsSalon D N/A N/A
Parallel 1A10:15 AM60 minsSupporting PRACE/XSEDE/RIST joint call

Lead: John Towns / David Hart

Attendees: L2s

Parallel 1B<open>

Parallel 2A11:15 AM60 mins

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct September 2019 Qtrly.pdf

Parallel 2BAWS Budgeting
Lunch12:15 PM45 minsIn Atrium Grove  N/A  N/A
Parallel 3A1:00 PM60 mins

All Education and Training

XSEDE Edu-Train.pdf

Parallel 3B

XSEDE Development Coordination Council

(RAS Slides, XCI Slides)

Lead: Ester Soriano
Attendees: Ken Hackworth, JP Navarro, Shava Smallen, Maytal Dahan, others as Interested

Parallel 4A2:00 PM60 minsXSEDE Financial Analysis Quarterly Reports

Lead: Ron Payne
Attendees: John Towns, L2s & L3s, Holly Highland

Parallel 4B<open>

Break3:00 PM15 minsSalon D N/A N/A
Parallel 5A3:15 PM60 minsROI - update and current status. XSEDE_quarterly_Stewart_ROI_2019_sep_10_Final-candidate-1.pptx

Lead: Craig Stewart
Attendees: John Towns, Ron Payne, SP&E

Parallel 5B<open>

Parallel 6A4:15 PM60 mins

Adaptive Reviews

Adaptive reviews.pdf

Lead: Philip Blood and Robert Sinkovits
Attendees: Ken Hackworth, David Hart, other ECSS and RAS team members as needed

Parallel 6BChampions Focus Group Results

Lead: Lizanne DeStefano
Attendees: Lorna Rivera, Julie Wernert, Dana Brunson, Henry Neeman, Jay Alameda; Remote: Jeff Pummill, elected Champions Leadership Team.

Close5:15 PM Tuesday Close  N/A  N/A
Wednesday, September 11th

Plenary and parallel A sessions will be held in Salon D

 Parallel B sessions will be held in Salon EF


Time (CDT)DurationTopic (presentation link)



Breakfast7:00 AM60 minsIn Atrium GroveN/AN/A
Parallel 7A8:00 AM

60 mins

Publishing data sets through XSEDE
Parallel 7B<open>

Parallel 8A9:00 AM

60 mins

Review of XCI KPIs
Parallel 8B

Lead: Robert Sinkovits
Attendees: ECSS L2s/L3s/PMs

Break10:00 AM15 mins Salon DN/AN/A
Parallel 9A10:15 AM60 mins

XSEDE Federation sync up

Lead: Victor Hazlewood
Attendees: John Towns , Ruth Marinshaw , Ron Payne , Richard Knepper , others interested

Parallel 9B<open>

Parallel 10A11:15 AM60 mins


Parallel 10B


Close12:15 PM Meeting CloseN/AN/A

Conflicts (Name: Conflict)

Maytal Dahan: Attending remotely

Shava Smallen: not attending (hosting PRAGMA workshop in San Diego)

Dave Hart not attending

Marques Bland attending remotely

Deb Nigra attending remotely Monday, Tuesday (not attending Wednesday)

Greg Peterson not attending

Alex Withers not attending (conflict meeting with NCSA industry partner)

Jim Marsteller not attending

Leslie Froeschl not attending Tuesday; attending remotely Wednesday

Sonia Nayak attnding remotely

Leslie Morsek attending remotely

Aaron Weeden: Attending remotely

Rich Knepper: arrive late Monday

Emre Brookes: Attending remotely

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