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Requested Sessions

Please submit any requested agenda items via the XSEDE Quarterly Topic Request form

All requested agenda topics can be seen HERE.


XSEDE Quarterly Meeting Action Items and Decision Recording


Meeting Registration:



    • Monday, March 4th at 5:00 pm PT through Wednesday, March 6th at noon PT
    • Please plan to attend the entire meeting through noon PT Wednesday, which means a 2pm PT or later flight on Wednesday.


LAX Embassy Suites North

9801 Airport Boulevard

 Los Angeles, California, 90045

Phone: 310-215-1000

Hotel Reservations:



OPTION #1:  Call the reservation center at (800) 559-5179 and use the Group Code “UOI” or indicate you are with the "University of Illinois" (along with the arrival and departure date).

OPTION #2:  Go to the hotel's website at and fill in the Group Code “UOI” field (along with the arrival and departure date).



    • Taxi & airport shuttle is available from the airport to hotel.

   Monday evening coordinates


   Tuesday coordinates


   Wednesday morning coordinates

Agenda (Final)

Monday, March 4th, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Plenary & Parallel A Room: Laguna/Malibu | Parallel B Room: Newport


Time (PT)DurationTopic (presentation link)Lead


Plenary A5:00 PM5 minWelcomeLead: John T  
Plenary B25 minPM&R UpdateLead: Scott W


Deb N.

Plenary C5:30 PM30 minsER Quarterly CommunicationLead: Hannah RActions/Decisions: Leslie F 


6:00 PM60 mins

Spending unspent PY6 & 7 funds

(closed session)

Lead: John TActions/Decisions not made public: Leslie FL1/L2s only
60 mins

Education/Training meeting

Education Training 03_2019.pdf

Lead: Susan M

Actions/Decision: none

Jay A

Linda A, Marisa B, Dana B, Kate C, Rosie G, Jennifer H, Rich K, Aaron W
Dinner7:00 PMN/ADinner (Room: Marina Atrium)N/AN/AAll
Tuesday, March 5th: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm | Plenary & Parallel A Room: Laguna/Malibu | Parallel B Room: Newport


Time (PT)

DurationTopic (presentation link)Lead


Breakfast7:00 AM60 minBreakfast (Hotel Breakfast area)N/AN/AAll
Plenary C8:00 AM45 minsCEE PY9 Planning SummaryLead: Kelly GActions/Decisions: Leslie M 
Plenary D8:45 AM45 minsECSS PY9 Planning SummaryLead: Bob S / Phil BActions/Decisions: Marques B 
Plenary E9:30 AM20 minsXCI PY9 Planning SummaryLead: Dave LActions/Decisions: Lucille J 
Break9:50 AM10 mins    
Plenary F10:00 AM30 minsOps PY9 Planning SummaryLead: Greg PActions/Decisions: Scott W 
Plenary G10:30 AM30 minsRAS PY9 Planning SummaryLead: Dave HActions/Decisions: Sonia N 
Plenary H11:00 AM30 minsProgram Office PY9 Planning SummaryLead: Ron PActions/Decisions: Leslie F 
Plenary I11:30 AM30 minsXSEDE and ORCID integrationLead: Dave HartActions/Decisions: Sonia N 
Lunch12:00 PM60 mins    
Parallel 1A1:00 PM60 minsAdvanced Computing for Social Change at PEARC19Lead: Lizanne D / Lorna RActions/Decisions: Lorna R
Kelly G, Rosie G, Linda A
Parallel 1B60 minsDeveloping Impact AnalyticsLead: Ron PActions/Decisions: Leslie F
ER, ECSS, John T, others interested
Parallel 2A
2:00 PM
60 minsCEE-BP Impact Measures Quarterly Meeting 03_2019.pdfLead: Linda AActions/Decisions: Rosie G
Lorna R, Kelly G, Jennifer H, Marisa B, Kate C
Parallel 2B60 minsAWS Cost ForecastingLead: Victor H / Gary RActions/Decision: Ron PGreg P, JP N, Scott W, Lucille J
Break3:00 PM15 mins    
Parallel 3A
3:15 PM
60 minsCode of Conduct Quarterly Meeting 03_2019.pdfLead: Linda AActions/Decisions: Ken H.John T, Kelly G, Jay A, Lorna R, Lizanne D, Dana B, Marisa B, Susan M, Maytal D
Parallel 3B60 minsECSS PY9 PlanningLead: Bob S / Phil BActions/Decisions: Marques BECSS L3s, Leslie M, Sonia N
Close4:15 PM Tuesday Close   
Wednesday, March 6th: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm | Plenary & Parallel A Room: Laguna/Malibu | Parallel B Room: Newport


Time (PT)DurationTopic (presentation link)Lead


Breakfast7:00 AM60 minBreakfast (Hotel Breakfast area)N/AN/AAll
Parallel 4A8:00 AM 60 minsStaff Climate Study Follow Up Requests & 2019 Instrument ReviewLead: Lizanne D / Lorna RActions/Decisions: Julie W
Require L1/L2s
Parallel 4B60 minsProtecting sensitive XSEDE user profile information with TFALead: JP NActions/Decision: Shava SOps (especially security), A3M, UII, XCI
Parallel 5A9:00 AM 60 minsLongitudinal StudiesLead: Lizanne DActions/Decision: Lorna R / Julie WJohn T, Kelly G, Leslie F, others as interested
Parallel 5B60 mins

XSEDE Dev Coord Council

(RAS Slides) (RACD Slides)

Lead: Ester SActions/Decision: Sonia NDavid H, Ken H, Maytal D, JP N, Gary R, Shava S
Break10:00 AM15 mins    
Parallel 6A10:15 AM 
60 mins
Return on Investment for three Cyberinfrastructure facilitiesLead: Craig SActions/Decision: Lucille JJohn T, L2s, SP&E, others as interested
Parallel 6B 60 minsCampus Champions Evaluation PlanningLead: Julie W / Lorna RActions/Decisions: Julie W / Lorna RLizanne D, Dana B, Marisa B, Henry N, Optional: Kelly G, Jay A, Bob S
Parallel 7A11:15 AM 
60 mins
Champions Fellows PlanningLead: Bob SActions/Decision: Marisa B / Jay A 
Parallel 7B 60 mins<open>   
Close12:15 PM     

Conflicts (Name: Conflict)

    • Jennifer Houchins attending remotely
    • Dana not attending (at Internet2 Global Summit)
    • Phil not attending Tuesday, attending remotely Monday and Wednesday
    • Ron not attending Wed
    • Rosie not attending Wed
    • Dave Lifka will be attending remotely
    • Craig will not be available Tue but will be attending remotely on Wed.
    • Rich Knepper will be attending remotely
    • Lonnie Crosby will attend remotely

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