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  • XSEDE Quarterly Meeting - Aug 29-31 2016 - XCI Customer Satisfaction Rating
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XCI and sub-team KPIs and Metrics

Our target is a 4 out of 5 rating for:

  1. XCI: Average satisfaction rating of XCI (people) services
  2. RACD: User rating of components delivered in production
  3. RACD: Operator rating of components delivered for production deployment
  4. RACD: Software/service provider rating of our integration assistance

Rating collection approaches

Some possible approaches for collecting the ratings:

  • E-mail survey
  • Online conventional survey
  • Online feedback forms and permanent repository

(Potential) feedback collection requirements:

  • Have customers select the component the feedback is for from a pop-down list
  • Allow both 1-5 star and some ad-hoc textual feedback
  • Would be nice to know which customer the feedback is from (so that we can follow-up when we've addressed it)
  • Would be nice if customers could provide feedback whenever they want (perhaps thru permanent links in documentation and announcements)

The frequency could vary:

  1. XCI services (periodic survey)
  2. User rating/satisfaction (prompted at first use and ad-hoc later)
  3. Operator rating (prompted after deployment)
  4. Integration assistance (prompted and periodic)


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