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XSEDE Projects consist of six different Work Breakdown Structures (WBS). Each project is designed to address a different component of XSEDE, as follows:

  • WBS 2.1: Community Engagement and Enrichment (CEE)
  • WBS 2.2: Extended Collaborative Support Services (ECSS)
  • WBS 2.3: XSEDE Community Infrastructre (XCI)
  • WBS 2.4: Operations (Ops)
  • WBS 2.5: Resource Allocation Service (RAS)
  • WBS 2.6: Program Office (PO)

Each project is responsible for reporting performance metrics according to guidelines laid out by by the Project Management, Reporting, and Risk Management (WBS 2.6.3). 

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XSEDE includes multiple ways for deciding which projects to pursue and processes for administering and maintaining each project. The XSEDE project management and execution includes:


The typical way to propose or request changes to XSEDE Projects is by submitting a Project Change Request Form (PCR). 

Learn more about PCR's ...

You may also propose ways to improve your project through the Project Improvement Fund (PIF). 

Learn more about PIF's ...


XSEDE is in the process of offering funds for innovation. Check back for more information. 


When you have time, please respond to the New Staff Guide Feedback Survey so your views as an XSEDE staff member can be included in this guide to make it the best it can be.

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