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RY5 Carryover: May 2022 – Aug 2022

Final: Sep 2016 - Aug 2022

Dates TBD

All L2 text (including L3 text) due to PMs (recommendation: L3 text due 5/3/22 to PMs/PMs hand-off to L2s, L2 text due 5/5)

All text due in GoogleDocs by PMs; PMs are required to review, revise and ensure the text they receive from their respective L2s is correct (i.e., grammar, context, completeness, formatting, etc.)

KPIs calculated and analyzed

Level 1 Highlights & Summary (Ron)

John & Tim First Pass & PM Copy edit

ER Copy Edit 

John & Tim Second Pass

Final day for responses to John/Tim’s comments

Noni format report & Leslie Final Review

Hand off Word doc to John for final review submit IPR17 to NSF

John submit RY6 Annual Report to NSF

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