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Representatives of RAS A3M, XCI RACD, CEE UII, and OPS SysOps meet quarterly to discuss tasks planned and prioritized by each group, communicate cross-group dependencies and resolve conflicts or over-commitments.

Q1 2018 Meeting – Jan 3, 2018

Attendees: Maytal Dahan, Dave Hart, JP Navarro, Gary Rogers, Shava Smallen, Ester Soriano

  • RAS Q1 2018 presentation
  • XCI Q1 2018 presentation
  • UII Q1 2018 activities
    • Resource Selector
    • XSEDE user account creation rework
    • ongoing XRAS Submit UI work
    • Dynamically updated resource pages from RDR
  • Discussion
    • With Resource selector on UII plan, RAS major concern addressed
    • XCI will have better prioritization input for future tasks following UREP voting
    • RAS to put XSEDE Web SSO into its backlog per XCI CDP
    • Suggestions for future XDCC meetings
      • Indicate clearly which tasks depend on which other groups
      • Include guidance on desired relative timing, e.g., now, beginning/middle/end of quarter, could slip
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