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XSEDE2 Proposed

XCI will create the XSEDE Community Software Repository (XCSR), a service and tool catalog available to the national community via the XSEDE website. This catalog will list all services and tools, which SPs have them installed, and links to the source code and/or installation packages along with documentation necessary to install and configure them. A list of all use cases, their stakeholders, and current status will also be cross-referenced with each service or tool. This information will inform discussions of priority and importance with stakeholders and the national community. All this information will be stored in the XCSR, a core deliverable and vehicle for our handoff strategy to the XSEDE successor(s) at the end of PY10.


XCSR Features and Milestones

By the end of PY1 and XCSR Version 1.0 anyone can view:

  • XSEDE use cases in all states, their UREP assigned priority, the capability delivery plans for each use case, which components support each use case, and the set of engineering activities that are linked to a use case.
  • XSEDE operated user facing enterprise services
  • Software/services available to L1-3 SPs and Campuses to install
  • Software/services installed and operational at L1-3 SPs
  • Software/services installed and operational on campus, gateways, or other external service provider
  • SP Integration status, which includes steps completed and components installed status
  • SP Operational status, which includes software, services, and outage status



Oct '16

Apr '17
Apr '18

Use Cases

Use Case Registry(green star)  
Use Case Capability Delivery Plans (green star) 
Use Cases linked to UREP Priorities (green star) 
Use Cases linked to Software (green star) 
Use Cases linked to Engineering Activities (green star) 

Community Software


L1-3 SP Component Discovery

(installable and where operational)

(green star)  
XSEDE Enterprise Services Discovery (green star) 
Community Supported Software Discovery 
(installable and where operational) 
 (green star) 

SP Resource Integration

SP Integration Dashboard L1-L2
(task and component checklist) 
(green star)  

SP Integration Dashboard L3 and Campus
(task and component checklist)  

 (green star) 
SP Operational Status Dashboard L1-L3 (green star) 
Gateway and Community Service Integration Dashboard   (green star)
Gateway and Community Service Status Dashboard  (green star)



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