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WhatDescriptionWho?LinkCDP?Status?Where is it?Notes
XCBC - RocksRocks-based toolkit for campus cluster installationjecoulteKB DocNoDelivered/installable
XNITYum Repo for scientific and cluster packagesrda1KB DocNoDelivered/installable
XCBC - OHPCOpenHPC-based toolkit to replace Rocksjecoulte eventually 

Virtual Cluster on JetstreamBuild scripts and configs to create virtual clusters on Jetstreamjecoulte
Globus Connect Server DeploymentInstall GCS on campus CIjecoultecoming soon?!YesDocumentation/testingXCSR eventually 

Digital Humanities Toolkit

Provide suite of DH software installable on campus CIbahallocConfluence working pageNoProposed / Requirements gatheringXCSR eventually
Cluster Monitoring ToolkitProvide set of tools to monitor and display cluster statusjecoulte!
Installable, major updates incoming
Container Repository - XCRICR/XCICR
There may be no good way to acronymize this...
Provide repository of containers of scientific software compatible with XCBC at a minimum?????????PlanningTBD
Cluster-building workshopBased on the JS Cluster builds, have an on-site workshop with interested Faculty, Admins, or Usersjecoulte/stebird & plannable for attendees on a few levels based on CAU attendees:
Grad Students who may be interested in Research Support roles.
Faculty who may wish to offer classes or expand their own resources (or build a gateway!)
Faculty who wish to run a small local resource
Admins who wish to begin running a local resource



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