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Research Computing at a Business University: (PEARC 19)
Virtual Clusters in the Cloud: (PEARC 19)
Beyond Campus Bridging: A Retrospective of CRI Efforts: (PEARC 19)
Grid Technology for supporting Health Education and Measuring the Outcome: (PEARC 18)
Using the Jetstream Cloud to provide Science Gateway Resources: (CCGrid 17)
Cyberinfrastructure as a Platform to Facilitate Effective Collaboration between Institutions and Support Collaboratories: (SIGUCCS '16)
Implementation of Simple XSEDE-Like Clusters: Science Enabled and Lessons Learned:
XCBC and XNIT - Tools for Cluster Management in in Research and Training:
Extending XSEDE Innovations to Campus Cyberinfrastructure: (JOCSE Vol 10, Issue 3)

XCRI Presentations

Internet 2: Nuts & Bolts: Lessons learned in creating a User Friendly FOSS Cluster Config tool:

XSEDE Impact (Highlights)


Univ. Cincinnati:

South Dakota State University:


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