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For meetings with interested sites, please create ONE child page here per site, using a simple blank page template.
Add Notes for each meeting in the following format:


Feel free to use regular paragraph formatting with large breaks between meeting blocks for everything, since headings in this editor are enough to drive one mad.

Links to Site Meeting Notes: (Just copy-pasting the links here works fine thanks to confluence magic)

University of North Carolina Greensboro - consultation on network design and cross-campus IAM

      Notes in Google drive:

University of Central Florida - Ongoing, loose contact, Training & Consultation

UT Dallas - In-flight, consultation on IAM, Slurm, and eventual app deployments

University of Arizona - Pre-Visit

George Mason University - Ongoing

Clarkson University - Loose contact only

Langston University - Build finished, Post-build contact in progress

University of Central Oklahoma - Finished, Highlight in progress

University of Texas at Dallas - Started discussion, scheduling meeting ASAP.

Rhodes College (Memphis, TN) - Initial group call on 4/16/2021, 1530-1630 EDT

Vassar College - initial call on 4/22/2021, 1100- EDT

Southwestern Oklahoma State University  - initial call on 5/4/21 1500 EDT

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