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  • XCRI 2017-10-25 Risks and Quarterly review
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Current Risks:

  • Demand overtakes ability to have site visits, generate toolkits - leaving as monitor
  • Not enough use cases from CEE - after a discussion at the Fall quarterly, we may decide to broaden this to UREP, or just "not enough use cases in general" - Rich will add a comment
    (both of these risks have just been set to Monitor)
  • OpenHPC - changes in the landscape may disrupt toolkit implement

Quarterly notes:

  • KPI: # of Systems - (Globus + XNIT subscribers + XCBC installs)
  • Metrics:
    • User satisfaction – need a quick satisfaction check from SDSU and SRU...others? Barbara Hallock will check back with those institutions.
    • Repo subscribers - from XNIT logs
    • Total TF - from Eric's spreadsheet in box
    • Partnership interactions: Tapia, TechEx, CASC, Jetstream Virtual Clusters?
    • Toolkit updates - Resa Alvord Reynolds and John Coulter will provide 30th Oct. - need to decide what constitutes an update.
    • New toolkits - Richard Knepper will check last quarter's report to keep us from double-counting

XNIT thoughts - use case for containers, decide what container image, present and discover via (need JP and Shava to chat), what packages? what cases?

John Coulter mentioned using other MPI's in Singularity


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