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Executive Summary of Meeting 

Friday, April 16 (10am-1pm CDT)


Remote via Zoom (coordinates sent out via Outlook)


PRESENT (tick)/(error)
XAB Members 
Lisa Arafune (Chair)(tick)
Leah Bendavid(tick)
Ken Bloom (tick)
Elizabeth Cherry(tick)
Rylan Chong(tick)
Peter Couvares(tick)
Rudi Eigenmann(tick) 
Ana Carmen Gonzales(tick)
Ruby Mendenhall(tick)
Brook Milligan(tick)
Russell Poldrack(error)
Jennifer Schopf(error)
Dan Stanzione(tick)
Ani Ural(tick)
Service Provider Forum 

Ruth Marinshaw


Jonathon Anderson

David Hancock (tick)
User Advisory Committee
Sergiu Sanielevici(tick)
Claudia Costa(tick)

Final Agenda

Friday, April 16

Time (CDT)

DurationTopic (w/links to presentation materials)
10:005 mins


Approval of February Meeting Summary

10:0525 mins

Session I: PI Update

10:3020 minsSession II: CEE PY11 Plan Discussion
10:5010 minsBreak
11:0020 minsSession III: ECSS PY11 Plan Discussion
11:2020 minsSession IV: XCI PY11 Plan Discussion
11:4010 minsBreak
11:5020 minsSession V: Ops PY11 Plan Discussion
12:1020 minsSession VI: RAS PY11 Plan Discussion
12:3010 minsBreak
12:4020 mins

Session VII: Program Office PY11 Plan Discussion


Wrap-up/Close Meeting

Next meeting: Friday, July 9 12-1pm CT


  1. Link to Google Doc Notes:
  2. Link to Draft PY11 Planning Report (for XAB review):
  3. Link to PY11 Plan slides (includes questions for XAB feedback): 


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