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Account Policies & Procedures

  • Effective July 5, 2016, XSEDE has a 3 year Confluence license which allows for 250 users.

  • Since the staff Wiki is public, staff access to general project information does not require login.

  • Content not intended for the public is protected and requires staff login to access.

  • All paid XSEDE staff members will receive a Confluence account as part of the staff onboarding process.  

  • Accounts for staff members who leave XSEDE will be put into “Inactive” status as part of the staff offboarding  process. “Inactive” accounts will be reactivated if the staff member returns to XSEDE. Inactive accounts do not count against the license limit.

  • Account audits will be conducted on a quarterly basis.

Wiki Content

  • Level 2 Directors & Level 3 Managers can choose to create and publish their own wiki information, or have their staff members or their Project Manager do this; however the Level 2 Directors and Level 3 Managers are ultimately responsible for the content in their area.

  • At a minimum, Wiki content for each Level 2 and Level 3 area must supply the following basic information:

    • Mission

    • Metrics & KPIs

    • Team Members - Staff name and Institution

    • Communication & Meeting Information: dates and times only

    • New Staff Orientation Information

  • We will comply with the NSF policy of providing information about XSEDE to the public by making as much information as possible available on the staff Wiki; however, we also understand the need to safeguard staff/information privacy and security.

    • Certain types of XSEDE information should not be made publicly available (i.e., if any of the following are stored, they should be login/user protected):

      • Staff photos

      • Staff phone numbers

      • Staff email addresses

      • Group Conference Call Coordinates

      • Confidential Meeting notes

      • Financial reports

      • Cybersecurity Information

        • Security Incident reports

        • System vulnerability status

        • Certain compute resource information, such as machine IP addresses, detailed network designs and security infrastructure that could be used by an adversary

      • Staff or institutional budget and effort information

      • Links to staff-only forms and surveys

    • Certain types of XSEDE information should not be stored on the Wiki:

      • Staff salaries

      • Statements of Work (SoWs)

    • If you’re unsure of the appropriateness of content or have a question about content you encounter, contact your Level 3 Manager, L2 Director, or Project Manager.

Managing the Wiki and its Content

  • PM&R is responsible for managing Wiki accounts and conducting quarterly account audits

  • PM&R is responsible for the content and structure of the wiki “staff landing” page

  • Level 2  Directors & Level 3 Managers are responsible for the content in their areas

  • Periodic (at least quarterly) reviews should be conducted to ensure that

    • No private information is exposed

    • Content is up to date

Guidelines for Appropriate Wiki content

  • The Wiki is a place to provide useful information about XSEDE activities and projects.

  • The Wiki is a professional collaboration and information sharing tool. It is not a place to log personal complaints about XSEDE, NSF, XSEDE staff members or collaborators, or for discussions about controversial policy or technical issues.

  • Always use a professional tone when creating material for the wiki. Be aware that the content can be linked to from external places.

  • Language used when creating content for the wiki should be appropriate for the intended audience (e.g., if the content is meant to be readable by the public, write for public consumption).

Wiki Space and Accounts for Collaborating Groups, Projects, and Activities

  • XSEDE may provide wiki space for appropriate groups or projects that collaborate with XSEDE.

  • XSEDE’s ability to provide wiki accounts to collaborators is limited by our Confluence license agreement; not all groups who ask for accounts can be accommodated.

  • Decisions about which groups will be given wiki accounts will be made by the Project Management & Reporting team and will be based on need, appropriateness, and availability.

  • Wiki space for  collaborating groups will be set up as a separate space within Confluence and will not be part of the XSEDE staff wiki hierarchy.

  • Any publicly available information from spaces provided for collaborating groups that is on the wiki is subject to the same guidelines for appropriateness and content as for the XSEDE space.

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